Briggs V Twin Carburetor, and Parts Search

Briggs V Twin Carburetor, and Parts Search . This is my Huskee riding mower with a 22 hp Briggs V Twin engine. It started running poorly and it ended up being a carburetor issue. The Nikki Carburetor had a few O rings in side that had swelled up , and was not sealing any more. There are a few gaskets in the Nikki Carb that should also be changed. There is a black piece behind the choke plates that has a gasket that can go bad. The Nikki carb also uses two different jet sizes. So if taking one a part , take note of which jet goes where as each cylinder has a different size hole in the middle .You can search your engine model on the internet and find , most parts numbers, For general Riding mower parts i type in the model number off the tractor and find part number and diagrams that way . WTBM123



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  1. ty for the info…never knew of the o rings…i got N older kmart riding mower that does the same thing thats a mtd…my family gets mad i wont loan it out. they dont know about my bruised ribs a few winters ago

  2. I just did mine this year after 15 years this was its first cleaning I was lucky i had all the O ring's no gaskets but worked great after.

  3. Great video man very informative. Mt 2003 vtwin 22 HP seems to be loading up black smoke and want fully open up at full throttle. Will purr like a kitten at full speed but when you engage blades it starts to load up the carb so to speak. It there a mixture screw to cut down the needle jet. This carburetor is complicated and I consider myself a pretty good shade tree mechanic. Plugs looked a like black but not fouled. Any help would be appreciated.…..Thanks…Ricky

  4. Hello:
    Why do you suppose there's even a left & a right main jet that area made especially & "unique" for each left & right side cylinder, with it's own part number to boot?

    Have you ever checked to see if the jet openings are really the same size?

    I get the altitude issue with jet sizing, but not when both cylinders "seem" to function the very same, so having a common, same-sized jet for each cylinder just seems to make sense.
    I'd appreciate your thoughts on it anyway.

  5. Working on one of those carbs now. Question: Inside the fuel bowl there is a small white peace of plastic. You handled it and mentioned that it goes on a certain way – it has some slots on it and it goes down on top of the electric shut off at the bottom of the bowl. What is the correct orientation for this little peace to go on? It seems to fit several ways. In case I didn't describe the part correctly, it's the one that has the O ring that had warped out of shape very badly.


  6. ok, I noticed that the carb, I have seems to be missing the small white piece that fits in the bottom of the transfer tube, it doesn't look like it comes with the kit, does the kit actually include that part too?

  7. What the heck!!! I thought for sure I was already subscribed my Friend! Well, I took care of that little goof lol. Awesome fix and tips on doing it right! Cheers my Friend! Zip~

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