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Briggs V Twin , Niki Carb , Refresh. On this Statesman Riding mower with a Briggs and Stratton V Twin Intek engine , one cylinder is not running well. I took the carburetor off and tore it apart. Inside the nikki carb i found a o ring that was bad and coming apart. It had one passage way in the nikki carburetor plugged off. The nikki carburetor on the Briggs and Stratton engine is a good carburetor when all is right inside. If you clean the nikki carb well and replace the o rings and gaskets in your nikki carb it should run good again. This riding mower , with a twin cylinder briggs engine is now running good again and back to mowing grass again. The twin cylinder briggs and stratton carb, is really good , unless dirt gets in or the ethanol eats up the rubber parts . When storing i run the nikki carb , out of fuel so the ethanol does not harm the inside .
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  1. Just an update. Rebuilt carb myself on my Craftsman DYT4000 with the help of these vids from wtmb123 and 9 months into it, my mower is still running like a champ. To all those rebuilding carbs on your own make sure to save time and replace all the gaskets and o-rings on the carb and blow out any tiny holes or orifices with compressed air. I didn't even order the whole carb rebuild kit just your basic intake gaskets and o-rings and saved alot of $$. Make sure to clean carbon deposits thoroughly and always run a clean air filter to keep carb clean.

  2. Excellent help on my carb. I salute you for doing such a good job making the video with one hand and obviously knowing your subject.

  3. you so easy cleaning carburetor and run the mower.I got same engine 20HP briggs twin.I try cleaning carburetor 2 time.still running slow and smoke.I got video on you tube :John deere L120 Flooded.can you share with me what happen ? if I take off after fire selonoid is run good but die,,,check this out please..thank you

  4. This was a very helpful explanation of the Nikki carburetor and it helped me a lot. But, dude, have you ever heard of a workbench? If I tried to rebuild in the field like that I'd lose half the pieces.

  5. Hi Terry, long story short I had my Intek off the frame and upside down 3 times (oil sump gasket) (oil pump shaft fell out) ( stripped pto bolt) it started right up every time except the 3rd. I am getting gas at the carb and it will run on ether starting fluid. It will not run. It was FINE yesterday but rolling it around on the bench this last time it refuses to even putt. Again it runs on ether and the fuel pump is pushing what looks to be enough fuel. I hate to start into the carb but I believe I dislodged either dirt, the float, or something. What would you do next? You did not show the disassembly of the bowl, and what is the electric wire for??? Thanks!

  6. Man what a great video….wonderin if you could help solve my issue…I swapped a 26 hp intek v twin on a craftsman zero turn mower…it was suppose to be looked new…anyway, It runs ,but when I engage cut pulley and load down …I am fine at about 25% but if I push it any harder than that it fouls the plugs and backfires a little….carburetor?

  7. Great video. I have the same carb on my 2004 troy bolt and was having nothing but trouble .You helped me so much, I can't thank you enough . My troy bolt is basically exactly like your statesman and I'm wondering what you did to get it to have the power to do wheelies?

  8. Great info. Gonna try and rebuild mine myself to save $ since i think this the last thing possible that can be causing my 24hp B&S Intek V-Twin from starting and running right. I recently rebuilt the heads(valve job, peened Exh. guides, new Int. valve seals, pushrods, head gaskets, etc), adjusted valves to .006, pulled motor and opened her up and everything was good. Micropolished camshaft and put it back together with new crank seal. I have good spark and fuel inside bowl so now i'm just guessing that my nozzle gasket might be faulty since she turns over smoothly n sputters but wont start. Any pointers or advice from anybody? Thanks for the help in advance.

  9. Hello:
    The washer (o-ring in your case) issues shown at time 10:13 onward. You were probably right with the first (fatter) washer/o-ring on the neck of that brass piece.  The smaller washer (o-ring in your case here, my carb has an orange fiber washer, part # 690987) may possibly go on the threaded 'neck' of the solenoid, and seals the bowl/solenoid from leaking there.

    Maybe if try and see if that smaller seal (washer/o-ring) you have fits any better on the solenoids neck better. On my set of drawings shown in the owners manual, that seal goes on to the neck of the solenoid first, then the neck goes into the bowl and the brass base to the (black plastic) fuel transfer tube.
    Hope this helps!

  10. Nice and detailed instructions WTBM! Always fun doing wheelies on a mower, until you gotta lift the mower off you, but it was always worth it. Have a good'nnnnn

  11. Excellent work! Those Nikki carbs can be a real pain sometimes, but like everything, if you take your time, its not too bad.Great vid bud!

  12. Smashing job, looks like all that care with cleaning and sealing restored the balanced mixture to both sides of the engine 😀
    Carbs are a pain for slight muck in the petrol, ive had motorbikes that would not run correctly and the mixture was wrong, after finding nothing wrong with the carbs but cleaning them anyway the engine works perfect again !!, dam odd.
    Just a spec of crud can cause hell, i allways put a petrol filter in my bikes since then.

  13. Me and Nikki carbs do not get along or at least the ones they use on the single cylinder OHV Briggs are trouble makers after some time they will fill the crankcase with gas.I usually just order a new Nikki or replace it with a Walbro carb.
    I havent had any experience with the twin OHV Nikkis they seem to be much better then the others for the single cylinders.
    Looks like the twin carb is designed a lot better.
    Sounds good
    Take care

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