18 thoughts on “BRUTE 22″ FWD Lawn Mower by Briggs & Stratton Model 7800583

  1. I've had my Brute lawnmower for better than two years, when it worked, it worked great. The two-year limited warranty has now expired. It has become hard to start, and now it will not stay running. It just sputters to a stop. I'm thinking it is an issue with the muffler/choke assembly, because when I started to tinker with it, a little metal lever fell right off with no apparent means of attaching to the engine. Any thoughts?

  2. Mine is flooded something terrible. Wondering if it has a diaphragm or if it's a needle in bowl carburetor. Please help!! Thanks from Indiana.

  3. Well built mower? They sure got you snowed. Did you notice how the deck flexed when you pushed down on the handle? Yeah. Cheap Walmart junk.

  4. It's a piece of shit. I got one thinking it would plow through the zoysia in my back yard. Nope. The wheel height adjustment breaks easily. I'm in the middle of replacing the carb on mine right now. If you have one ,make sure you tighten all the bolts and screws before using it. Would like to see a video of it actually mowing something.

  5. I have a crap BRUTE mower too.  A Father's day present from three years ago. The store said I had to take my non starting mower to their warranty repair guy. He had the mower past Labor day. It ran for two rounds. Took it back and got it back in two weeks.Mowed the yard once and quit. Took it to a different repair place recommended by store. They made me sign a release stating I had to pay if the problem wasn't a warranty problem. They made me pay it worked for two mowings and quit. I took it to a third repair man. He said this is the needle valve problem that he fixes on all these BRUTES. Worked for two mowings and quit. Took it back this year to him it ran for one mowing and quit. I have put over $400. into this mower and it still does not run. Model7800883 Serial# 2016078422 engine modelBS725EX. Still looks new Briggs and Stratton did not make this engine very well. The public should be aware of the warranty issues they will run into when they get a lemon, by the way the colors are right for just sitting there looking pretty.

  6. I have exact hunk of sh*t mine will run fine can cut half of yard once good and warm it starts stalling out. Has new air filter spark plug new oil every year before first mow any ideas????

  7. Unfortunately this video doesn't help. To list off the things you did and then start it doesn't show anything and just leaves more questions. Thanks for your efforts though.

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