B&S 17.5 HP engine rebuild

Showing the results of running this engine out of oil. Previous owner ran it out of oil, and I am just rebuilding it for fun. Purchased the replacement parts cheap on eBay. There is some damage to the crankcase, but it still runs. To fix it the correct way would cost more than a new engine, so its not worth it. So this is an experiment to see how long the engine lasts with used parts and LB Weld, haha.



7 thoughts on “B&S 17.5 HP engine rebuild

  1. Awesome video. Hey have you got the ring installation video yet? Also did you make a video of how to tear down to the piston I want to do a ring job on my lt1000 mower and also my exhaust valve is covered in black all over and about 2/3's of the exhaust valve is coated with a huge 2 mm thick coating of white power looking stuff any ideals? It ran good and started good still runs good but have to boost it to get it to start even a new battery wont start ot without boosting its soooo tight compression wasnt this way before. Thanks for any help in advance.

  2. It looks to me like the piece of the block where the cam fits in is broken off (@ 0:19). There's no way that cam bent like that without damaging the block. Is that engine still in service???

  3. Any idea where to buy used riding lawn mowers cheap?  I've tried google, Craig's List, Ebay, etc., and all I ever find is new and slightly used stuff for high dollar prices.

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