B&S 3.5 h.p. Horz shaft Engine. Carb disassembly and clean

Clean and Inspect Carb. Always use safety goggles or face sheild when spraying cleaners !!!



18 thoughts on “B&S 3.5 h.p. Horz shaft Engine. Carb disassembly and clean

  1. I wanted to see you remove it from the Tank.  I tried to remove mine.  Removed all the screws and it moves freely but does not come off.  Any ideas?

  2. Just use Diesel people. It costs less than $3.00 a GALLON. Will last for years cleaning small parts. Carb and brake cleaner will EAT those plastic parts people. Use a bread tie with the plastic stripped off. Leaves you a nice fine wire. Don't use welding rod tip cleaners. Those are like mini files that remove soft aluminum and brass like mad. Talking about cleaning jets here. Use an old paint tray and a throw away brush to clean the carb like new.

  3. Nice video!
    Is the carb on the b&s 3.5 the same carb on the b&s 5 hp?
    When I Googled my model #091232 I came up with carbs for the 5hp.
    When I saw how cheap a new carb is now I'm thinking about just buying a new one.
    But I want to get the correct one of course.

  4. When you removed the top screws from the carburetor separating the tank from it…did u need to pry them apart from each other? I was waiting with baited breath between videos hoping to see u separating the carb from the tank, much to my dismay you had already done it off video. My question is do the two units separate easy or do you have to semi-forcibly pry them apart? Please advise thank you

  5. Thanks for a great tutorial. The only part missing from this B&S 3.5 series that I would like to see is how to separate the tank from the carburetor as that's where I'm having difficulty at the moment. I've taken off all of the screws and yet it seems like something is holding the two parts together from the inside that I can't find.

    Otherwise a very nice presentation.

  6. I accidently found you on the Bill Goudy channel and saw you are from Iowa too so I thought I would come over and sub to show support for a fellow Iowan. 🙂  Plus I do find your channel interesting. 🙂

  7. Nice clean up bud !
    Got a good tip from an other tuber for cleaning carbs and the small jet holes;
    Snip one of the wiggly wires off a wirebrush. Shove that in the tiny holes. (With a pair off plairs). The curves in the wire will rub the gunk of the sides of the hole and make it shiny again without doing any damage to it…

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