Budget Car Train – FailRace Vs The Community

We take a selection of budget cars racing around some of my lesser used Forza motorsport 6 tracks.

Our forum can be found here – https://failrace.proboards.com/

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40 thoughts on “Budget Car Train – FailRace Vs The Community

  1. I must say my races were absolutely fantastic got 2nd place twice in r2 and r3 with the sensible M3 and the silly silly civic although if I hadn't got lag bumped by the jag I would has run away and as Alex said at the end if there hadn't of been an M5 and so on I might of overtook Alex although that is a bug maybe

  2. The Ford wagon is a 390 CID 1967 model. My first two real oval track cars were a '68 390 Ford Wagon, and a '67 390 Ford Galaxie 2-door. In other words your car before their DNA was mashed together.

  3. starting to realize part of the reason Alex likes the country boat… he can make it very wide… just because its so big makes it good for defending.

  4. Anybody have any info on how i can get into one of these races? I love this type of stuff. Im about a week away from finishing my pc so i can do Iracing and other sims. So hopefully i can get in to one of these in time.

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