Budget Car Train – FailRace Vs The Community

We take a selection of budget cars racing around some of my lesser used Forza motorsport 6 tracks.

Our forum can be found here – http://failrace.proboards.com/

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40 Replies to “Budget Car Train – FailRace Vs The Community”

  1. I must say my races were absolutely fantastic got 2nd place twice in r2 and r3 with the sensible M3 and the silly silly civic although if I hadn't got lag bumped by the jag I would has run away and as Alex said at the end if there hadn't of been an M5 and so on I might of overtook Alex although that is a bug maybe

  2. The Ford wagon is a 390 CID 1967 model. My first two real oval track cars were a '68 390 Ford Wagon, and a '67 390 Ford Galaxie 2-door. In other words your car before their DNA was mashed together.

  3. Anybody have any info on how i can get into one of these races? I love this type of stuff. Im about a week away from finishing my pc so i can do Iracing and other sims. So hopefully i can get in to one of these in time.

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