Bypass governor on 6.5hp motor

All the main thing is make sure when you pin the governor out the way it in no way can touch any moving parts inside motor cheers.



10 thoughts on “Bypass governor on 6.5hp motor

  1. I have ran mine this same way for years and have never had any problems. This works very well and no need to risk that crank cover leaking.

  2. so do you i still use the rod that goes from the governor to throttle linkage? cause i did the bending rod like you did but when i started the motor and turned off the choke my mini bike went flying and i got seriously hurt broke collar bone bruised spine and cut my leg bad on chain. im new to this so i learned the hard way.. and after thinking about it i would assume i need the rod that connects to the throttle bracket linked to governor in or to have throttle control. . is that why my bike took off no linkage?

  3. No need to take motor apart, just bypassing governor if you look in the video were the governor comes out the top of motor all I did was turn it one way so the governor would not touch any moving parts inside the motor then use a split pin or what Eva you got to pin it back to keep it from moving you should see what I mean at the 29sec mark of video hope it helps

  4. You mentioned pinning back the governor, this has got me confused. have you actually gone inside the engine of just changed the throttle setup on top of the engine?

  5. Sorry forgot to mention putting a return spring on the hand accelerator and put we're suits I take the 10mm bolt out the top of the pull start cover wrap other end of spring around that then tighten back up but I sure there is better options thanks.

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