Camshaft & Crankshaft Timing Marks On 8Hp Briggs & Stratton Engine

In this short video I show you the camshaft and crankshaft timing marks. It is very important to follow this procedure when reassembling your engine.

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32 thoughts on “Camshaft & Crankshaft Timing Marks On 8Hp Briggs & Stratton Engine

  1. i think i flipped the smaller gear. engine won't start i think it's misfiring, not sure. Now that i think of building part i wasn't sure which way it was.

  2. Thanks, I'm not sure if I can figure this out, wish u could come down to the Swamps and help me figure it out, lol  I'll keep looking till I am sure I can do it. Mine is on an old 1980's snapper mower.

  3. I just wanted to ask a quick question, I am working on a very old tiller It was from the 1980's Thats most what I know but I am wanting to know does it matter if I line up the Dots on the Govenor?  It has weels that can be moved using a lever and the moter pulls the wheels but then theres a other belt that is hook to the engine its for the tiller blades it has this options, Fast and Slow Lever, A lever to make it go back or forward, A option to make the blades turn. I can't find the model number has its rusted. It runs smooth has long the gas is on fast and when I add in the air fillter it seems has it smothering it out of air. When I remove air fillter it runs fine. Any one know what I should do? I try to upload a image of the tiller and showing you all what it loooks like hoping someone can help me 😛 I have spent 2 weeks now fixing this I just got a chance to take the hole thing apart today.

  4. I think the two that I have with no bearings are at least 25 from an on snapper , one may be over thirty, it was running a road sander and the salt has ate up all the tin so there are no numbers on it

  5. about what year are those 8HP Briggs engines, I have two 8HP apart on the bench right now and neither have any bearings in the,?? thanks

  6. i've heard you can use a simple multimeter to work out an engines timing/ RPM, is this true and would you be able to do a video explaining how? thanks, great channel!!

  7.  How can you tell that the wheel is not one 360 spin around so it would mess up valves opening ? would be nice to cover that as well

  8. Hey Dony
    I'm working on an 11 hp 30 year old briggs and I noticed, the connecting rod was loose side to side on the crankshaft, it wasn't however loose on the crankshaft to where you could twist/move up and down on it though. What is your opinion on what I should do

  9. I took the guts out of a quantum with 2 broken hg bolts and put in a quantum with a bent crank and for the first few minutes after I started it the first time it ran like the carb was out then it just straightened out and sounds perfect any ideas don .

  10. on the sturmey archer AM 4 speed hub there are timing marks all of which have to face outwards if these marks arent set correctly then it wont select all 4 gears

  11. Hi Donny, thanks for the very helpful videos. I have a chainsaw that gets all covered in sawdust every time I use it,can you make a video to show me what I am doing wrong?
    thanks buddy

  12. I own a Roper 1976 tiller with a 8 HP B&S, it has a female threaded mount on the output side that is for the bolt that holds the belt guard. Do all B&S 8HP have this mount or are there some variants? I appreciate any help on this because I either need to rebuild it or buy a new motor.

  13. Do you know anything about replacing a governor spring. I bought one from sears for a 5hp briggs with pulse jet carb. I also got one from ebay and there a little different. Both sellers say the part was looked up thru Briggs catalog. The orig spring broke and only 1/2 was left . Ever found parts from 2 different places with the same part # was different . Any idea on how to get the right spring?

  14. Hi Donny do you have a video of how to fix a smoking mower? Love your vids keep up the good work
    cheers from Australia !!

  15. Hi Dony, my started my muarry mower for the first time this season. It started up, but won't move. The gear shift is stiff to move, but I can see the drive belt moving. Could it be a clutch or transmission issue?

  16. Dony, I notice with a lot of your jobs you do a lot of bending. Have you ever thought of getting yourself a scissor lift style work platform. That way you can adjust it to a height that best suits your needs and you are always working at the ideal height and not having to strain your back.

  17. its the little tips like that which can save you a whole lot of problems, believe me i found out the hard way. great tip to pass on ,i wish it would of came out two weeks earlier but live and learn ay donyboy . that is why your channel is so important to us dony, thanks for making the effort.

  18. Too bad automobile engines aren't so easy — vehicle manufacturers need to tear a page from the Briggs and Stratton playbook and get rid of timing belts, ha ha.

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