Camshaft & Crankshaft Timing Marks on Kohler Command Engines

In this video I show you the Camshaft & Crankshaft Timming Marks on a Kohler Command Engine. The engine in the video is a 12.5 HP but the same procedure will apply to many other Kohler engines.

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29 thoughts on “Camshaft & Crankshaft Timing Marks on Kohler Command Engines

  1. Hey dony, you're the man! I noticed what looks like the magnet/stator(?) on the crankshaft, which obviously turns at the same speed. Does this mean that spark is generated every time the piston reaches the top of it's stroke? ie between exhaust and intake stroke.


  2. What's worse, it's possible to misadjust the external governor arm enough that the metal cap falls right off the shaft, causing the same over-revving, which I discovered can also cause the exhaust valve to not retract quickly enough, hit the piston and get bent. I know OHV engines have better compression, but those old K series Kohlers were much more bulletproof than this.

  3. Not sure if my post to you went through. I have a JD LX173 with a Koehler Command 15hp with a compression release issue. It gets stuck until I go to WOT but comes back on at idle. Do you have a video of the fix or a suggestion?

  4. I have a Kohler Command 17.5 that backfires trying to start, I checked the flywheel key and it was okay. Before this it was hard starting and sometimes backfired. It would run until warmed up in a low throttle position. Timing seems to be the problem. Ideas welcome.

  5. I have a similar problem right now…I've been told that its either the fuel pump on the valve cover leaking down into the cylinder, or the carburator is flooding.

  6. hey dony i have a kohler command cv493 on the balance shaft i see no marks does that matter on this model.also the oil pan does not use a gasket what sealant should i use for the oil pan

  7. hey Dony i have the same motor in this video and one of my valves is clicking, tor down the motor and my camshaft has a sping looking thing that moves back an forth. is this normal or is the camshaft bad. please hit me back up, thanks

  8. donyboy i have a 17hp kohler command it backfires through the carburetor back and won't start the OHV has no adjustment like the briggs any thoughts 

  9. hey dony….i loooked at a new riding mower today with the Kohler engine and i wonderd what your opinion was on them……..actually i looked at two new riding mowers….one with the Kohler and the other has the Intek……i need your input…..which would you recomend……both engines were over 20 hp if that helps

  10. this may be a dumb question but are their any new riding mowers that have the kohler Command……..

  11. Thanks bud! Hey, winter is almost here and I want to rebuild my 23 HP Kohler motor.Any info on a youtube video that shows this engine broken down ad put back together would be awesome.It's a horizontal shaft 23 Hp.

  12. Also, if you're going to crack the case bottom like this, make sure to inspect the plastic governor gear. Even if it looks good, check the oil sump screen. If there are small yellow strands of plastic in the screen, replace the governor gear, very easy to do. The oil and small metal particles will wear the plastic governor gear, causing it to spin faster which spins off the metal weights. I found mine in my sump with an out of control free revving engine. Nice video Dony.

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