20 thoughts on “Camshaft installation on Briggs & Stratton 330000 Series Engine

  1. I don't see an oil pump shaft. I didn't notice anything fall out and I didn't take one out and you didn't mention or show one in the video. How is the camshaft turning the oilpump? I have a new oil pump with all the parts on order.

  2. For future reference, it REALLY helps to pull the rocker cover and remove the push rods. The old cam comes out easier, and the new one goes in without having to fight the push rods and lifters. Also, it's probably a good idea to readjust the valve clearances anyway with the new lifters in. Thanks for the great video!

  3. @Blueoyster5 ,I am currently working on my undergraduate final project. I would like to know if it is possible to get the design information of the camshaft gear in the video above and how ( in respect the addendum ,dedendum, PCD etc.). my research suggest a material that may likely fit in as a possible replacement for the nylon 66 made gear . I anticipate your reply soonest.

  4. I am not a mechanic at all. But this video has me seriously contemplating attempting this repair myself.
    I would love to see a video of the compression valve releasing a little bit of the exhaust when turned by hand.

  5. Great video, I’m waiting on the parts to do this exact job.
    7:58 you didn’t do anything wrong it worked out great for you, great job. Many times it’s not that easy and turning the crank a bit, will help the gears and governer seat with out too much force.

  6. I am having the same issue and having to replace the camshaft. Your video is extremely helpful. And special thanks for providing the torque specs. The only thing I would recommend to everyone out there (like myself) that is gun shy to turning a wrench, be careful when removing the original camshaft. The taps and possibly the push rods can come loose. Make certain the push rods are seated against the rocker arms correctly when you reinstall the new camshaft. I found this out the hard way unfortunately. But once I got the new camshaft in place, it held the taps/push rods in place (seating correctly against the rocker arms). I pray that the new camshaft will last me another 3-4 yrs. The compression release section looks to be cheaply engineered. Shame on you Briggs and Stratton !

  7. I tried adjusting valves on  a briggs 331877 2371 G1 and it still wouldn't crank. How can you tell for sure that the compression release is broken before tear down?

  8. I let it run for a little and no more oil spitting out.And I didn't use a casket on the cover,just permatex.However I did see where oil was coming out.i also called b&s and they recommended that instead of a gasket. Because of the model date.I Also told them their products are shit!Do you think it would hurt to put a gasket on?Thanks again for all of your help.May God bless you sir.

  9. Just got done replacing the cam.Used the marks we talked about and she fired right up!Thank you.Now the problem I have is it was spitting oil out of the muffler.Could it be because I drained all the oil and refilled it and it pushed it into the head when pressure was built at first?Any thoughts?Thanks for the help.Its awesome to have people like you.Keep up the good work.

  10. How old was the motor when this happened? We just bought a poulan pro with a Briggs and Stratton intek 19 hp. Should I be concerned about this happening anytime soon?

  11. Great vid.Was wondering if you could answer a question?Had a friend helping me because the same thing happened to my engine.Anyway,he removed the camshaft before I had the timing marks lined up! Will this be an issue if I spin the crank to allow for the cam to line up?Also my crank gear has a divot mark and what appears to be a small cutout about 180 out.Do I use the divot mark to time?Thanks.

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