6 thoughts on “Carb 20hp Kawi disassembly and cleaning

  1. I took my quad in for the 3rd time because it kept stalling after no success took carb apart myself only to find out that Suzuki now puts a filter on the needle & seat threw away never did it again ; Now your good to go ey have you put it through the Doctor exam in the bush .

  2. @MrMrtiki She's all good to go, but the kids all seem to be bringing caughs and sniffles home from school. Nobody wants to go for a ride with me right now 🙂

  3. thank you your videos are great. Im looking a buying a 1994 conquest 20hp kawasaki. Is there anything you would recomend to inspect? 

  4. are there any videos on YouTube on how to disconnect the throttle linkage rods on this carburetor without bending them

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