14 thoughts on “Carb Rebuild for the Echo SRM-210- Zama

  1. Great Videos! Thanks! Got a question…..How do you change the rubber "cushion" (Echo part # 61091055230) that holds the engine on the shaft tube on an Echo SRM-210? The one on mine is wore out and when I give it gas the engine twists on the tube. My Echo is 8 yrs. old and still runs very strong and looks great! But I do change the filters and spark plug when needed. I'm probably 1 of few home owners who does maintenance to their weedeaters.
    Also, what would you buy, RedMax or Echo?

  2. @th19940305 Got my SRM-210 running PERRRFECT! Got the rubber cushion replaced and also had to install a new carburetor. My faulf that I messed up the original carburetor… Old carb that came on it was a Zama RB-K66B and the new carb is a Zama RB-K70A. If you need parts for Echo power equipment, I Highly recommend wwwDOTmowpartDOTcom.

  3. On this Zama Carburetor, how does one get to the Main Jet Needle that is within the carburetor. Do you have any steps in removing the rubber cap along with the brass fitting that surrounds / covers the main inlet jet needle on this type of carby?

  4. Hey Kid, thanks for the video…..I had taken Zama Carb apart using a different video just to clean it all out…….after putting it back together I couldn't get it to work………then I found your vid and I figured out I had the gasket and thin plastic over it reversed, couldn't even get the bulb to work. Your video helped a lot. Thanks again and I will check your other video's out as well.

  5. you did the very basic and minium to properly clean and rebuild that carb. you did not clean out all of the passages and nozzles in carb. especially the brass plug that houses the high speed jet and nozzle. for that you have to have echo tools to remove and clean it.with out this clean it will not run well, also did not show how to check pump body. I probably will make video to show this.you really tried and I was glad to see that but it just was not correct. rick.

  6. so did it ever actually run after you rebuilt the carb my guess is NO it did not run at all or just didn't work as it should right?

  7. those carbs can be trickey at times with that hidden jet ,, you did a great video its nice to see the young generation willing to work on things for sure ,, keep up the good work

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