23 thoughts on “Carburetor adjustment for Briggs and Stratton engine

  1. My mixing bowl has wires coming out and no access to screw. The unit also gets hot during starts. Have I got some sort of accelerator pump? It's a 21 hp B&S on a riding mower, and I've about replaced everything and can't keep it running. It starts and after 10-15 seconds quits. Any help would be much appreciated…maybe there's another video for engines with wires under the mixing bowl?

  2. I got a lx178 jd with a 15 hp liquid cooled mow ran for like 3 week and then I was mowing I just died pulled carb off clean out made new gaskits for it would run for 30 min the die. so I put need fuel line 2 new plug new gas take old one had dirt in it got a new float and needle put new gaskets on it starts and dies now i need some help

  3. Goog video…thanks. Question…I would think adding the air filter will change the air ratio a little. Does it affect it enough to matter? Thanks.

  4. hey thanks man info like this can mean the difference between tousing a good mower and keeping it and that may last longer then a new one ?

  5. what kind of issue am I looking at if the recoil is not "engaging" the crankshaft.

    the engine is not seized and turns of smoothly…the recoil pull start is pulling fine the only issue is its not "grabbing"/pulling on the the crankshaft.

  6. hey hoping you see this and reply i have an 11hp bs with this carb on it and whenever i turn it off fuel still keeps flooding the carb it runs and idles but if i forget to turn the fuel tap off it makes a huige mess any ideas? also cleaned fuel bowl and needle and valve flaot seems fine?

  7. Stretch, EXCELLENT.  Did a complete soak and re-assemble..followed your instructions and over a few minutes it runs absolutely perfect.  NEVER idled this good.  Thanks man

  8. Thank You Stretch! You Taught me exactly what to do after i cleaned the carb and put it back together. I Hope I got the adjustments right on mine. It sounds good. even when reved up. I don't think its perfect but it sounds good!

  9. I got an 11 hp b&s with the same catb that blows a lot of black smoke and runs terribly. I've cleaned the jets with pins and it made no difference.

  10. Can you tell me roughly the default position of the idle speed adjusting screw before I start? Main mixture screw is adjusted ok, so I can mow, but if I set my speed control lever to "slow" it will stall. Thanks for the great video!

  11. I have a 8HP with an new up flow carb. it starts but shuts off after 5or 10 seconds. new gas lines, filter, and gas, cleaned tank changed spark plug. doesn't seem to be getting enough fuel to keep running. 1950 tys  model.  It's got me stumped, i need some help. Thanks

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