Carburetor basics and troubleshooting

This is a Hyuai P18 or P127 Carburetor from a Honda GX200 clone engine also called a JF200. If your engine hunts/surges particularly at idle this video may help you identify the culprit. You should definitely check/clean/replace the idle jet. I’ve recently bought a carb cleaning kit on Amazon which you may find helpful for all of your carb tuning and cleaning.



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  1. Hey man I was wondering if you could help me out my carburetor is getting to much fuel causing it to flood and the motor to cut off any answers?

  2. I have a toro power max 724 oe and it sat in my shed for several months and when it snowed and I needed it, of course it wouldn't start, so I did a cleaning of the carb but now it surges pretty bad when I have the choke closed. When the choke is half it seems to runs smoothly. The carb is different than this one however so I know the repair / cleaning will be different. The brass top screw for me is different, it's a plastic piece that I pry / pop out with a screw driver.

  3. have a 2014 Craftsman snow shredder briggs 15c107-0014-f8
    got the unit with seized engine ( fixed the engine part ) tried to start carb gummed up !!!
    Took apart carb cleaned main jet ( plugged )
    Cleaned emulsion tube ( 3 holes plugged )
    reassembled engine surging !!! this carb has a Viton rubber tipped needle ok , no Viton rubber SEAT .
    Took the Carb apart 2 nd time , this time Soaking the Housing in CLR 4 hrs , then Soaking Housing in Solvent .
    NOW RUNNING BETTER but still IDLING ROUGH !!!!!!!!!!!!
    Smooths out with Choke slightly ON !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. The carby on my little kipor generator looks very similar to this one, this has helped me a lot , had that annoying surging since I bought it 2 years ago, worse part is you can't adjust the idle mixture screw as there is a plastic panel in the way….. have to remove the carby to gain access. Wound out that screw 1/2 a turn, runs mostly without surging now.

  5. Finally someone explain these type of carbs .Thank you for the video !!!…..I have cleaned mine on a Honda 240 GX 8 H.P, and it surges ..I m going to re clean it and make sure the idle passages are cleaned well

  6. Okay I have the issue where the engine surges when I give it gas. Its on a minibike. Its a 196cc Honda clone with the generic carb they all have. I opened mine and cleaned it with sea foam but I did not remove the jet and drop the e-tube. But it runs perfect at idle. Mine has the plastic style junk on the top of the carb. A branch ripped the cable return spring off the top of the linkage when I was riding it 6 years ago, it sat with just a tiny bit of gas in it, just enough to go stale and gum up my carb….
    Anyway the throttle return spring was bringing the throttle lever back further than it would normally go before I replaced the cable return spring. So the throttle return spring which goes to the governor arm is a little worn, maybe stretched. Tomorrow, I will pop the bowl back off remove the jet, clean that and the e-tube, pop the plastic piece off the top clean that off and out in their and see if it is better, one video showed where you can widen that using tiny drill bits if the problem persists. Than if I have to I will snip the throttle return spring making it a tiny bit shorter to add more tension to the governor arm if necessary. Mine has a screw with a square plastic cap on the back of the carb that prevents me from adjusting that, any idea what that is/does and if I need to mess with that? I can remove the plastic and than I can remove that screw and adjust that too if need be. Another video, I think an official honda video calls that a pilot screw. So whats the pilot screws function, its setting is about 2,1/2 turns out according to honda and it is set up where you cant change it much without removing that plastic, why? Any ideas what my issue is? Am I on the trail? Anyway I'll be back out there tomorrow and after properly cleaning all of that, hopefully its purring like a kitten again. The round bowl gasket shrunk, I barely got that on today so kinda leary about dropping the bowl again and the back paper gasket has a tear in one spot where the screw goes thru. Used silicone to repair that, but now leary about un-seating the carb again because of that…..
    I will update how things went tomorrow. Let me know what you think in the meantime.

  7. I'm just browsing through video by video.. came across this one, comments have been recently active, so I thought why not ask this question, in hopes for a god giving fix!! I've got a Briggs and Stratton Twin Cylinder engine, on a MTD rider. I'm repairing it, and it's going great so far! I don't know to much about small engines/mechanics.. so I apologize if I word things incorrectly.. learning as I go. I'm thinking it was the people that had it before me, they replaced the choke cable with a throttle lever, to permanently keep the choke partially closed, reason is because if the choke flap was wide open, the engine starts to die out. How could I fix that? I have already cleaned the carburetor. Hmm..

  8. I just changed the carb and now it surges really bad. Only starts with clutch and dies if I put it on slow. Made sure the carb matched and gaskets lined up. Any suggestions?

  9. fixed that problem and now itll start if I pump the throttle but it wont stay running. I plan on replacing the spark plug tomorrow. the chains r kinda rusty, could that be part of the problem?

  10. hello sir. I have a problem with my generator. when load is applied, it runs normal for some time then slightly drop then pick again. I have cleaned the carburetor using carburetor-cleaner but the problem still persist.

  11. Mine was also surging. It is a close/ Huayi on a 208 engine. Turns out that the carb was missing the needle valve on the idle side of the carb. I have looked everywhere but could not find anywhere to buy just this part. It is not part of a typical parts of rebuild kit.

  12. Good explanation & thank you for the help! Mine was surging and i cleaned everything except for that idle screw you showed at the end and it runs fine starts on the first if not second pull & runs nice. Although mine was not a screw it looked like a plastic plug and underneith the plug there was a very tiny hole that was plugged.

  13. hi I have a predator 212 Cc motor and wouldn't run with the choke off so I bought new carb. well put new in and same. thing please help.

  14. I have an ETQ generator with a 13 hp knockoff engine. It will only run on full choke. It has a Huayi carburetor with a solenoid but I can't figure out how to disassemble it for cleaning. Is it a throwaway?

  15. I have a problem with my generator. it runs idly when the choke is close and then stop working when the choke is open. what do I do?

  16. Just wanted to say Thank You, Thank You, for this video!! I bought a used generator and it had this surging problem you described here. Cleaned the carb (several times), but the problem persisted. Finally came across this vid, and realized this little plastic cap under the throttle stop screw contained a little pilot jet underneath. I removed and cleaned it, and my generator ran perfectly after that. Yahoo!!… Again thank you very much.

  17. quick question i got a predator 212 engine that start up fine and stay on as long as the choke is closed. but as soon as i open the choke the engine turns off. do you know how i can fix the problem. or what can i do

  18. Thanks for the time you put in doing this post The mojority of the people real appreciate it. I came to your site by accident. saw an idiot demanding things as if you were a slave. Don't let one idiot spoil it for others.

  19. JESUS FUCKING CHRIST.   Do another video on just how to adjust your idle and your main jet.  I bought a new carb off ebay so I wouldn't have any problems, but it idles at max fucking speed…

  20. Very nice video,very helpful explanation about the idle circuit.Would you happen to know what would cause an engine using this carburetor to stall out under a load step, but then be able to handle that load it the carb is choked about halfway? My version of the carb does not have the one hole that you point out on the carb face for the  P tube aeration supply. It is not drilled.  

  21. My carb off my Champion 6.5hp OHV looks just like that, except it omits the two idle adjustment screws, it has just the main big black screw to adjust idle.  After sitting all winter the carb was gunked up, and I gave it a cleaning.  Now, it fires right up but is surging.  And mine doesn't have a black plastic cap in place of the idle screw, it has a brass plug.  Should I still remove that and attempt more cleaning?

  22. Thanks best explanation on You Tube ! I had cleaned my carb but was still surging .
    After watching your explanation on how the carb works, I was able to clean the correct port to stop the surging .  Thanks Again !

  23. Hello I have a Honda GCV160. The mower is a Toro Quadra Cut System  and my engine is flooding. When the mower sits, the gas leaks out of the air filter. I replaced the carburator with a new one. The mower started right up but if I turn it off, it doesn't start again. I took the spark plug off and the engine was flooded again. If it was the float or the needle that was not working that should have been fixed with the new carburator. Do you have an idea of what it might be? Thanks

  24. which way will the idle mixture screw go for it to richen it up? in or out? i have a clone engine and put a bigger main jet in it but am looking to fine tune the idle.

  25. hello my carburator doesnt have a iddle screw what does that mean? i seen alot of videos on the internet and all carbs i seen have iddle screws but mine doesnt,,,, my pressure washer revvs like crazy when i put a work load on it ….. look up my video "pressure washer revving" its the first video that pops up it shows what my machine does when im pressure washing…

  26. Hey josh this video is perfect. Nice job. I've already had the carby off 5 times but now its gonna be a piece of cake. You answered my questions thoroughly and straight so thanks.

  27. Hey Josh, do you know what the stock setting for the needle that sticks through the side of the carb in to the throttle plate area is? Thank you your video did me a solid btw. I noted with my eye the amount the needle stuck through when I cleaned my carb. And I put it back and it seemed the same. And it's running good– I just want to make sure it's bang on. I Agree with the "cheap and easy to fix".

  28. Even though the emulsifier tube is "spitting" fuel it may still have an obstruction. In the video I pointed out the idle jet but didn't focus too much on the orifaces. With a #1 flat blade screw driver you can insert it up the pickup tube. This is the hole where the float bowl bolts on. There are a couple ports in the pickup tube make sure they are clean and clear. Use the flat blade to remove the emulsifier oriface (up inside the pickup tube, CCW). Now clean the E-tube and the oriface too.

  29. If too little fuel is in the bowl the emulsion tube will suck air instead of fuel. If it is on the cusp then you may get some slurps of fuel. The needle valve attached to the float can get gummy and may not be allowing enough fuel into the bowl.

  30. Make sure the float bowl is filling with gas. With the engine off and the fuel on wait 10-15 minutes. Then shut the fuel valve and disconect the fuel inlet to the carb. Remove the drain plug from the fuel bowl (the 10mm bold that is off center on the bottom of the bowl). Catch AS MUCH of the fuel as possible. Compare the amount of fuel that came out to the size of the bowl. It should be about half.

  31. My aration tube is spitting out gas and my honda is idling rough and hard to start any advice on how I can fix this?

  32. Gasket. I had to make one once. I just traced the outline of the insulator, then one bigger hole for the throat and one hole each for the two bolts. Worked great. I think in a pinch you could get away with using some cardboard from a cerial box but auto part stores have rolles of thin gasket material for pretty cheap.

  33. Great glad it worked for you. These engines and carbs get some flack for being cheap and unreliable. I say they are cheap and easy to fix. Win Win

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