21 thoughts on “Carburetor Clean & Rebuild on 3.5 HP Tecumseh Engine Part 1 of 2

  1. Im putting this same engine on a gokart. I see here it has a soild throttle cable, but how does a braided cable connect?

  2. @wheetley97 ya man im 14 and i have my own mower repair business. ive been doing it for about a year since i found dony's videos. theres alot of money to be made if you know what you're doing

  3. never ever put a mixer needle on a wire brush it puts ridges in the needle that causes irradicale idle tipicle mechanic mistake got 20 years service in thuis field

  4. Gotta h70 thinkin bout rebuilding this winter. 2 dead ones with parts missing between the 2 i know its all there and both turn over. Plus work in a small engine shop we actually stock quite a few parts for these yet (burning though a lot of needle/seat kits and bowl nuts right now from people not summerizing their snow blowers)

  5. my aunt has a simalr model i couldent figer out why it wouldent run if i put starter fluid in the plug it would run for a bit i over looked one thing and it was the needle adjust ment i did 1 1/2 turns and it fired right up. Also if you would like to see my tractor problem video type in briggs and stratton work horse and then click on my tag and it will take you to my page and tje video is work horse carb problems yourube didnt put it in search yet

  6. The tiny hole up & to the right of the idle adjust screw is spewing gas. 1970 runs great. Just rebuilt yr. ago. Second pull every time.

  7. Donny I know this is a pretty old video but I've watched alot of your videos and I just came across this one. I'm rebuilding the same exact carb right now I'm just wondering where you order your parts from?

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