20 thoughts on “Carburetor Clean & Rebuild on 3.5 HP Tecumseh Engine Part 2 of 2

  1. Donyboy; Love your videos. But I have a few questions, First, what is a governor an what does it do? Second, I have eight lawnmowers, none of them work. Because of using them I have hit rocks and other things.Smoke and oil will come out of the muffler. But they will still run, but very loud and they knot. How can I fix them or do you have a video on it. Third, I have a generator that I found an I would like to repair it. Do you have a video on this as well.

  2. if you have hit stuff with your lawnmowers they probably have a broken flywheel key. i do have a video for this repair, go to my channel and do a search

  3. thanks don, you helped me out! all it was was the carb set too lean like you said 🙂
    i finally got around to working on it today because i was busy putting new piston and rings in my lawn mower!
    thanks for helping me i did what you said and now it runs great 🙂

  4. Your videos are great. I have a Tecumseh 3.5 horse power motor. Don't have owner manual. How much oil should go in the crank case. I have just been filling till I could see it, but would rather put the correct amount in it. Thanks.

  5. I guess I should have been clearer. The engine is on a chipper and the muffler is close up to the hopper so hard to see how to get it off with out removing the engine, but upon close inspection I'm wondering if there is one bolt on the side which gets it off.

    A better question, after replacing the carburetor with a new one, is why it won't start. Any idea why it would just slowly, slowly lose power and cut off, then not appear to have any spark when trying to crank it? Thanks.

  6. Hi I have one of these engines and I need help finding a carb linkage please let me know if you can measure your or tell me a place to find one

  7. Great vid! Very helpful. Any idea why fuel is coming out of the small hole just above the idle adjusting screw on my same carb? I do think my Tecumseh is a good bit older on mini bike from the 1970s. Thnx in advance for your help.

  8. i just used your vids to rebuild my Tecumseh 3.5 on the Tiller and OMG it started right up and ran like bear through the whole garden! Thank you so much for the detail and accuracy!!! It was spot on!!!

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