24 thoughts on “Carburetor cleaning on a Craftsman 6.25 horse Lawn mower

  1. @bendonahower Yes, didn't want gas going everywhere, and since taking the tank off was super easy, I think it was worth it.

  2. This video just saved me a repair bill! Thank you so much for posting it. my mower was starting and dying ten seconds later. Cleaning the carb like like u showed me fixed it!

  3. Thanks for the video! I've got my mower mostly taken apart. I'm cleaning it up and wanted to clean my carburetor as well, but was sure exactly which piece it was. Thanks for the education, it was a great video!

  4. This video aided me tremendously. Having to clean the carb., I started my Craftsman 6.25 HP mower on the 1st pull after priming. I was amazed. I have one note to add, be sure the fuel tank is free of any debris, check the small screen just inside,below the cap. For the cleaning of the bolt that holds the carb.reservoir on, I used a GEM clip, and be sure to clean down inside the bolt shaft. Also, use carb. cleaner. Good Luck

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  6. Anyway you could send me a picture of how your throttle rods are setup. I took mine off to rebuild the motor but can't for the life of me remember how they're setup.

  7. great information. Thanks. I've wanted to make sure I'd be starting with the correct bolts/ screws for any carburetor concerns.  Rad/ gnarly that a female is doing the instruction.  As an audio/ visual guy- as well as someone who is now hearing impaired, a couple requests/ suggestions: hold the camera steadier; speak clearly and firm.  Your speech loudness waivers all over the place. This topic gets more touchy when you have someone in your audience who is either now deaf in one hear, or varying degrees of hearing loss. Such is the reality. Thank you for the effort!

  8. there is a little silver screw with a wire through it. i'm not sure how to put that back. i didn't see it in your video

  9. Watch this video – it's worth its weight in gold! Literally. The trick is to clean out the holes on the nut that goes at the bottom of the carburetor. That nut has several holes that all need to be very clean.  Water at the bottom of the carburetor bowl is also a clear problem.

    Best of luck

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