46 thoughts on “Carburetor Linkage Configuration On Tecumseh Lawnmower Engine

  1. I have a craftsman 5.5 HP wheeled weedtrimmer that looks very similar to this but it has a throttle cable instead. Do you have any info on how to connect the linkage on that engine?

  2. Dony. Thanks for your commitment to the diy community. I found that pushing the primer bulb slower made the difference in my case. Just an FYI.

  3. So I have the linkages in the correct spot but the motor is still running way to high … I've tried adjusting the screw an the tang where the spring is connected too an even the governor arm an still no change any ideas as to what I can do next thanks

  4. Would you happen to have the linkage confiiguration for a craftsman leaf vac? Not sure how old it is but it does not have a primer bulb. It does however have a choke. There is a small red knob to control speed. Right side is choke on center is the run position far left is off. The engine is a tecumseh model 143 354292 I sure could use some help!

  5. GREAT! Even tho I had a 79 Murray 20 T – engine with throttle control plate on top left. your clear pix of the rod position led me home. Tks, but now I got a lot of grass to cut.

  6. hey, i got a question. i have a Tecumseh engine HS-50 to be exact and i have changed the points and condesor and the spark plug. once those was replace she fired up right away but didn't stay running. the throttle configuration is strange. when the gad pedal is pressed nothing is happening to the carburator. man this is driving me nuts not to mention my arms are killing me. plus my damn starter recoil rope broke so i go to lowes and the employee tells me that what i was buying was way better than what i had. i told him the rope look awfully weak. he insures me that the rope is alot better than the old one. well 4 times that damn rope broke in which it has become shorter and shorter. anyways, help me get this thing running for my little ones sake. its on her go kart.

  7. I have watched quite a few of your videos, and I have received a lot of help saving money. I thought I was subscribed, anyway I am now.
    Thanks for the help.

  8. Speaking on behalf of all the average "Joe's" out there who only service or do minor repair work on their mowers every five or six years, you're expertise and knowledge is greatly appreciated. Thanks, Tony

  9. 1,000 thank yous for this video! I had to take the carburetor off of my mower to blow it out, and of course didn't bother to take note of the linkage configuration, it gave me fits trying to figure out how to put it back together correctly. I tried every combination except the one you show in this video. Now it works perfectly!

  10. Ah ha! So THAT'S why my '93 Tecumseh (on a Murray 22" push mower of equal vintage) seems to be running comparably slower than it did before I replaced the carburetor this afternoon: I had simply placed the fore end of the main linkage in the largest hole at the bottom-left of the butterfly valve, rather than into the TOP LEFTMOST HOLE as I should have. Thanks a million, donyboy! I will certainly work on correcting this first-thing tomorrow morning…

    PS- You definitely do some of THE BEST instructional videos on YouTube! Thanks to you, the replacement of my ratty old carb was otherwise a breeze… 😃

  11. I have one like this , but in the top two holes it has the throttle on the side, cant seem to find a video like it, craftsman eager 1

  12. Thanks for the video, trying to get neighbor's mower back together after cleaning carb.
    Not sure how the linkage was, and this video really helps.
    Thank You !!!!!

  13. hey donyboy. I just got a 3hp craftsman edger and my problem is the same in the video how ever my carb is set up differently and I can't figure out for the life of me what hole the linkage goes in

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