Carburetor Linkages and Springs on a Toro Recycler Kohler Courage XT Lawnmower Engine


**Always follow the instructions in your repair manual when doing repair or maintenance work on Outdoor Power Equipment. Manuals can be found at the manufacturers website.**

In this video I show how the carburetor linkages and springs are attached on a Kohler Courage XT, vertical shaft engine. The unique thing about this engine is the automatic choke system. The choke system uses a vacuum diaphragm, Bimetalic Spring and the supporting linkages.

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38 thoughts on “Carburetor Linkages and Springs on a Toro Recycler Kohler Courage XT Lawnmower Engine

  1. I cleaned the carb and replaced everything like spark plug, air filter and changed the oil but my mower still won't start but when I spray the choke it starts but then when I turn it off then it won't start again. Do I need to change the fuel filter?

  2. My son kicked the damn mower and cracked off the choke shaft and throttle shaft any idea where to get new ones? And a carburetor for the same mower

  3. I am having troubles at start up on my toro recycler mower. It starts and sputters. Some times it quits. After gaining access to the carburetor the choke is still wide open. The choke itself moves freely. When I start up the mower and hold the choke open for a few seconds and then let go of the choke the mower runs good. Obviously, the cold start is faulty. What should I look at next?

  4. I have the toro kohler 6.75 HP. the choke linkage is a little different. i'm trying to nput it back together after having to get the carburator cleaned for the 3rd time in 2 years! go back to Briggs & Str.!

  5. I checked your video, to make sure it looked right.
    I cleaned up the same carburetor, without disconnecting all the wiring to the choke and throttle..
    I bought a new break cable and then cranked it on and it started with little effort on the first pull.
    Immediately, the throttle speed revved up and I cant find out why.
    The throttle and choke are working fine. But, when it is revving, I can touch the Governor arm and push it down very little and the idle speed slows.
    I took off the air cover and nothing is interfering with throttle.
    What does this sensor attached to the right side of the carburetor do?

  6. Wondering if you might be able to help. To the left if the carburetor (the way pictured in the video) there's a hose mouth. Does it connect to the diaphragm housing? Thanks

  7. great video I have the exact same lawn mower and I'm having carburetor problems I do have one question I am looking for the model number of the engine and having trouble finding the serial number on the lawn mower by chance would you be able to help me

  8. Is there a fuel mixture adjustment on this motor carburetor my lawn mower blows black smoke seems like its running rich on fuel is there an adjustment for that thank you

  9. hi, question. i boght this lawnmower as a floor model(never do that again) the piece on the choke shaft that leads to the spring housing is broken. any ideas on how i can rig something up on my own? i dont see anything anywhere i can buy to replace this…thanks for your help.

  10. I've got a LawnBow w Kohler XT149-0225. Mowed all the lawn 2 weeks ago. Today it mowed half the lawn then stopped.  I put in more fresh gas. It fires and runs for 5 or 10 seconds then dies (fuel problem?).  It is the same problem I had last year. took it to LB service dealer and paid $150 for tune up.
    Anything you suggest I do myself before yelling at the service center next week?

  11. Hello, On the bi-metallic housing , that runs across the mower to auto choke, do I place it back on as is ( the most neutral position) or do I turn it one rotation  clock / counter clock  wise?

  12. I have this model Toro and lately it has started surging up and down while I mow. Do you know what might cause this and how to fix it? Thanks!

  13. I'm sure I need to either clean or replace the carburetor but I'm having a heck of a time removing the solid link to the Bimetaclic spring housing (@ 1.32 in you video).  Is there a trick to removing it without braking it?

  14. I am having a problem with the fuel leaking out of the tank through the carburetor  after running, I replaced the carburetor thinking it was the needle valve seat, still leaking. What else could it be? the vacuum diaphragm? Thanks

  15. Can this carburetor be cleaned?  I've watched several videos on cleaning carburetors and then opened mine up – this setup is way more complicated.  Do you have a video or instructions on how to take this apart for cleaning?

  16. Ariens, Husqvarna, Toro mower with Kohler Courage XT6 runs rough, sputters, and governor is hunting for a steady RPM. Assuming everything else is working properly, the engine is running to lean. There are other malfunctions that can cause an overly lean condition, address these issues before attempting any modifications to the carburetor. There are NO adjustment on this Kohler carburetor except for idle speed and idle is not used. With this very lean running engine sometimes when the choke does finally open up from muffler heat, the engine stalls due to very lean condition. The fix for a lean running engine in this era of EPA regulations is to drill out the  carburetors main jet. I started with a # 71 drill bit and then tested carburetor on a otherwise good running engine. Still to lean, then a #69 drill bit, getting better but not quite there. # 66 / .032 inch drill resulted a smooth running engine. This has a domino effect on the choke. Since the bimetal spring for the auto choke is slow to warm up and open the choke, the engine is now over choked after a cold start. Until the choke fully opens the engine is now running way to rich with black smoke from the exhaust, running  rough, will not come up to governed RPM, may stall out and carboning up the spark plug. The only way around this is to add a manual choke. Good luck.

  17. I have the same carburetor, and the engine won't start. There is no gas going to the carburetor and wonder if there is and screw or a part that can be removed and cleaned easily -like the engines withough the automatic choke system….. everything else is fine….

  18. I have this same engine, and need parts. I am not finding the model number, and the serial number on it is getting me nowhere. Any idea where the model number is for this machine?

  19. The choke will move, but it does not close, or stay closed for starting.  The spring housing is not keeping it shut for starting.  Do I need a new spring housing?

  20. Thanks for the video!! This model sets for awhile and you have to clean carburetor. Never buy another one. Had it apart and forgot the linkage pattern, you saved me a lot of time!

  21. I see all kinds of people on here with problems and the reason I was on the site because my son's Kohler Cougar XT7 won't start.  Thanks to this video I was able to check the fuel line and that internal fuel filter.  All good.  My bet is bad gas and small engine shop says clean the carb and the jets.  I also figured out from the video that the vacuum diaphragm is probably OK.  Couldn't figure out what it did or how it worked but it was the same as the video so ignored it.

    So I got it off.  What a pain.  Have to take the starter cover off to get the auto choke off.  And the air filter cover has to come off.  The links to the throttle on the handle will come off and the carb slides off.  Take the bowl off.  If the gas is bad you can tell by the smell if you didn't drain it first.  There's one jet in the middle which comes out with a flat head screw driver and a second on top that pulls out when the throttle stop is removed.  Blow out and possibly pass a very small wire through.  If you can blow through the jet it's clear but the gas in your mouth tastes awful.  Rinse out mouth.  Yuck.

    Yes it's a pain!!!  Did all this.  Put it back together.  Had to refer back to the video to get the choke link in right – it fell out.  All fresh gas.  Started first time!!!

    It can be done.  I'm pretty sure just draining the gas out would have worked but taking the carb off and cleaning was sort of the platinum solution.

    Use premium gas.  Regular can have ethanol.  Add fuel stabilizer.  Mow on!!

  22. Not sure how anyone can thumbs down this. Someone took the time to create a detailed video on how to help you for free. I know it saved me a lot of trouble and know my mower is running again. My neighbors appreciate it.

  23. Hello, I have two questions: 1) Can you adjust the running idle on this mower? and 2) I have a gas leak which appears to be coming directly out of the carburetor and leaking onto the air filter. How can I repair this? Thanks

  24. I have a toro 22" recycler with Kohler engine.  Model 20371 mower.  Had stale gas over the winter – not winterized.  I'm thinking i've got to clean the carb now.  But cant figure out how to get it removed!  Any videos/diagrams on how to do that? 

    I think the spark plug is OK, cuz there is a small spark when I pull the chord.  Dang I need to get this fixed. 

  25. I am just now having the same issue. it ran fine 2 weeks ago when I last mowed. today it would not start. I put some gas in the carb and it started up. it stays running and I can shut it down and start it again, but it fluctuates and you can see the governor arm moving in sync.

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