Carburetor Rebuild / Cleaning Instruction Video

Carburetor Rebuild / Cleaning Instruction Video – this is a full blown video on how to do a carb clean and rebuild, this video will work with carbs for kids / adult atvs, utvs, off road go kart buggys, gas scooters and mopeds. Great video if you are having issues getting fuel to your motor or need to get a cleaning or rebuild done. Visit our website at and check out all the products we sell from parts for chinese vehicles to kids four wheelers, kids go karts, adult dune buggies, 50cc to 250cc gas scooters/mopeds, pit bikes and dirt bikes, rhino clone and mule cloan utv utility vehicle / side by sides.



35 thoughts on “Carburetor Rebuild / Cleaning Instruction Video

  1. Thanks can you tell me if there is a adjustment for the other needle valve that has the spring on it just to the side of the other two jets going up into the air way

  2. Is it okay to blast air through the inlet valve to clear out anything that could possibly be there? Can I do that or will it damage something?

  3. I bought my son yamaha breeze 125. It has the same carb in your video. It had been sitting awhile so I bought the carb kit and cleaned & installed just as you showed. New plus as well. But now the quad as soon as you start revs very high and gets hot fast. I was wondering if theres a certain depth in screwing the jets in maybe for the fuel/air ratio. Any ideas? Thanks for the good video

  4. i have a crb the same as this which is 26mm i had it on my 110cc pit for a long time but took it off for a good clean and now can not get it to work as i do not know the right turn setting for the air screw on the side or the fuel screw on the underneath of it any one know the right amount of turns for them cheers

  5. When I turn my petcock on the fuel just dumps out the overflow think this has to do with the needle valve/seat?

  6. Unless you get like a little snake brush get a little wire brush then you have to get a "new" carburetor and that will take care of the internals of my carburetor? Wtf and brake clean does not have the same carbon detergent as carb cleaner. It will cut oil but it will not gummed carbon deposits.

  7. have a 1995 kaw buyout 300 when I give it gas it Boggs down and want take gas could this be the carb if so what could it be in the carb it ildes good

  8. I'm having some issues with my 1998 Honda CBR600 F3. I cleanded the carbs because the bike would stall or shut off everytime I would press the throttle. Now the bike cranks but it doesn't start at all. I replaced: battery, fuel filter, fuel pump, spark plugs and air filter. I also checked for spark on every spark plug. I have a manual for my motorcycle to help me calibrate the floaters and the jets. Main jet size 135 (4), pilot jet size 40S (4).
    Any tips you can give me will be very appreciated.

  9. Is that the same carburetor that comes in the hawk 250 cc? I recently got it from you guys and I'm having trouble starting it up I have to turn down the choke until it warms up. Thanks.

  10. hi,
    I have a CRF50 and the carb was cleaned by the dealer last summer, and on my first start one week ago, the bike was starting easily after 1 kick, run great, idle great, but the main issue is that the gas was leaking by the overflow all the time. I had dismount the bottom bowl, removed the float and needle valve to see if it was stuck, but it was'nt, I re-mount everything, the bike still start on first kick and idel well, but still leak!, any idea?? thanks for your tutorial video!

  11. I have a 1992 Yamaha Timberwolf 250 that I did rebuild the carb a year ago. Recently it revs up very high at idle for no reason. It will idle perfect for a long time then rev up unexpectedly. I replaced the intake boot and thought that was it but it just did it again. I'm thinking the choke may be the problem, any ideas how to correct it? Thanks!

  12. On my four wheeler somebody before I owned it turned the idle screw or air screw and my four wheeler is getting choked

  13. I have the bowl off of the carb. I turn the gas on and the gas is flowing if I push the float up gas still comes out? what could be the problem?

  14. Hello I have the same carberator as in video. How many mm do I set the float? It is on a 1985 Yamaha YFM 200 Moto 4. I've had this since 87. I never knew about the drain screw. Thanks for putting that in.

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