38 thoughts on “Carburetor Rebuild on 2 cycle Stand Up Scooter Part 1/2

  1. OK, the site im getting parts from has the Walbro WYK-33 barrel carburetor, Walbro WYK-58 barrel carburetor, and a Walbro WYK-194 carburetor. But no WYL's. would any of these work do you have any of these? thanks

  2. Great videos, I have a Chinese strimmer, with a similar looking carburettor that this, but there is only one adjustment screw what is the standard setting on these? as I have got it 1 1/2 turns out but it seems to rev awful high? There is no low and high screws.

  3. also on the bigget of the two gas lines should you be able to blow air through it? i can see that its not blocked when disassembled but when i assemble it i cant seem to blow air through it. Please respond

  4. at 4:55, I'm trying to rebuilt mine, just a quick question, can you blow air through the crossed middle hole ? I presume its the passage for the main jet ?

  5. Got my scooter up and running thanks to this video! I'll admit I messed up the first time and didn't notice. Boy did that cause a lot of grief. After watching the second time, my father and I rebuilt it properly and my scooter fired up first pull! 😀 Perfect timing too since I'm going camping tomorrow morning too. Thanks for sharing all these videos, I really do appreciate it. I hope you don't mind me downloading all your scooter videos in case I ever need them for later use (With no internet).

  6. Thank you so much I have just started working on small engines after wanting to my whole life and also trying to put food on our table. I got this scooter in from a friend to work on it has the same exact carb on it and I cannot tell what motor it is because the stickers are off of it, but it has a orange housing, if you are familiar with it please share with me and also what cc it is. The markings on the fenders said Gucci but I could not find anything on it at all. I changed the fuel, fuel Lines cleaned a handful of black gook out of the tank, replaced the spark plug & tested it, so I'm praying this works. At first I did take off the step pad and their was a battery in their with what looked like a solenoid. I took the wires off the post & now forget what went where. One post had a red wire coming from motor, the other post had a red & yellow wire, any ideas please? Thank you so much for this video. Located on Facebook at Rednecks For Jesus

  7. I am so glad I ran across your video. Thank you for posting this. My mini chopper is running better than ever now. I got the rebuild kit for $3.70 gotta love it.

  8. hi I have one of those stand up scooters and when I tried to remove the inner needle (the one in the  top screw ) the needle broke.  can I get just a needle  or do I have to get the whole carb?  if I can get just the needle please tell me where. thank you

  9. Great video! I should have watched before I too my carb apart. Do you have any videos showing how to put the throttle return spring back into the other side of the carb. I probably shouldn't have taken it apart, but I wanted to get everything clean and all of a sudden the spring flew out. Now I'm screwed! Any advice??

  10. thankss.. i have exactly the same carb, on my leaf blower.. I NEVER NEVER GET ANY LUCK FROM REBUILT!! every god dam 3 year. i buy a new back pack blower… and im getting stick of it of replacing the blower… i wish they come with electronic carb… soo soo today the tool is hanging up and the blower is still apart on the floor.. 🙁

  11. Carb cleaner destroys rubber parts. Avoid spraying primer bulb and the orange or black rubber valve. Also avoid spraying meter diaphram, gaskets and pump diaphram. Be especially careful to avoid getting spray in check valve which has small rubber disc inside.

  12. Hey Doni, I have a barrel style that drips gas from the venturi while it's off the unit. I have rebuilt it but it's still dripping and causing it to flood and very hard starts. Whats the cause?

  13. I have a Wyk 192 30 days in use its got a problem with the throttle slide valve being stiff , does not return without help and is hard to open the throttle, was smooth and easy upon install new 30 days ago, any ideas why?

  14. Turned out to be the fenokic rotary valve swells up when saturated with gas, as soon as it set and air dried it operated smoothly through entire range.

  15. This looks almost exactly like the carburetor on my Hangkai 3.5HP outboard motor. The motor looks like it might be the same. It's a 2 stroke outboard boat motor that is water cooled. So it has a water jacket installed on the engine which a lot of people keep saying it looked like it came off a weedwacker. You ever get a chance to work on such a motor? I'm sure it's fairly similar. Also if it is almost exactly like the Walbro carb, is there an aftermarket one that will give it more HP or work better? If anything I'm more interested in the reliability factor rather than gaining any HP. Thanks for your input!

  16. Do you know what model carb this is? I don't want to rebuild it I want to replace it with the Walbro but don't know the model #.

  17. Hi Don, no scooter questions but would like your expert opinion. My cs 300 symptoms are, starts after many pulls. Runs runs runs, revs fine but if i don't hold idle up a bit it dies, then pull, pull, pull, nothing. Brand new carb and filter lines look good. Truly frustrated, specially after buying new carb. Will keep playing with it. Thanks Don.

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