25 thoughts on “Carburetor Rebuild on 2 cycle Stand Up Scooter Part 2/2

  1. Hi Don, do you have any experience with the chinese carb kits available on ebay etc.? The appear similar to Walbro and Zama products but cost only a fraction.

  2. i bought carb kit and test my carb to different scooter with the same machine it easily start. But when i put it back to my scooter it wont start. i also replace new spark plug. what do you think the problem?

  3. the fuel pumps going to the carb then return to the tank. the problem is it is very hard to start unless putting some gas to the entry. do u think the problem is the carb or something else? many thanks for your time.

  4. my scooter have the same carburetor of yours. it is very hard to start. i think even i pump the fuel many times the fuel could not reach up to the pin. how can i check if there is no problem on my carburetor? your reply is highly appreciated.

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