Carburetor Rebuild on 4-7HP Tecumseh Snowblower Engine Part 1/2

In this easy to follow video I show you how to rebuild the carburetor on an older 7HP Tecumseh engine on a snowblower. The same procedure will apply even if your engine is not mounted on a snowblower.

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20 thoughts on “Carburetor Rebuild on 4-7HP Tecumseh Snowblower Engine Part 1/2

  1. donyboy. This video uses very good camera angles. very professional. this is why i enjoy watching your videos. Keep up the awesome videos.

  2. I have a Tecumseh roadatiller that won't start and it's carb is completely clean, I tried putting starter fluid on the air filter and it still won't start, and the valve timing is right what could be the matter?

  3. Can you PLEASE help me? I'm stumped. I have an Earthquake 9800 post hole digger with a 3.8 HP Tecumseh engine. I have overhauled the carb. It cranks right up and runs. It throttles up. It seems pretty close to done. the problem is, it sputters a little. I replaced the emulsion tube, the tube O-rings, the bowl gasket, and it has a new air filter. The float is good, needle moves freely, everything looks great but it sputters a bit while it's running. Fresh gas too.I also took that little brass screw out of the side of the carb and it's clean too.  I bought a bulk bag of the Viton O-rings that go on the emulsion tube. I'm wondering if they might be the wrong size. Can you tell me the size so I can check. Other than that I don't have a clue. 

  4. Thanks for video helped me fully clean and get my craftsman snowblower that has been sitting for 10 years back up and running. My carb looked about as dirty inside as this one in the video. maybe next time ill grab a rebuild kit for it but for how old it is the o rings and parts seemed to be in way better condition than I was expecting. I  could never get my float to sit like you did it was up too high even after bending tab but it works 100 percent now anyway.

  5. I rebuilt the carburetor this spring on a 7 hp techumseh simplicity snow blower following your video.  This winter we are having record snowfall ! My snow blower has worked like it's new ! I never have done engine work and this was a first for me, I was so successful I did my garden tiller- same excellent results.  We just had another 7 in snow last night and  again the snow blower started on the first pull and performed great. thank you so much for your video it made this winter's snow rather enjoyable … rather than a nightmare !  thanks again and God Bless !!  Rick , in Indiana.

  6. I just got an old tractor with a 7hp Tecusmeh engine. It's leaking oil and gas from the carburetor.  where do you find seals and gaskets?

  7. I'm having an issue where the nuts just spin with the bolts when trying to get off the carb. The issue is one of the phillips screws came out. The one on the right side where u have to angle your screw driver has a stripped head. Any suggestions on how removing the bolt? or getting the bolts with the nuts to stop spining?

  8. What a great video! I was able to rebuild my neighbors carb on a Toro 5 HP blower for a measley 13.00 buks. You were VERY precise and after following your instructions, it now runs like a new one. Saved a whole load of money. Thanks for your time in making this excellent video.

  9. Thanks, this helped me get my old Snapper 5hp snowblower running.  DIdn't work after I cleaned the carb, but after I took it apart again and used the drill bit in the tube, all this crap came out.  Ran great after that, thanks for the tip.

  10. Hey Dony, I have a Toro 7/24 I believe 1980 model #38050. I swapped engines with an identical model and had it running but the blower stopped and I have been unable to get it started since. I have rebuilt the carb from both blowers and neither gets the blowerrunning. It seems like it wants to start and then dies. I have good spark and it is getting fuel . Please help I am at my wits end….

  11. Hi, i have a 12 y/o Ariens snowblower with an HS50 techumseh engine. Will start, run strong for 30 sec to 1 minute then die. Then, wont start again for another hour. Cleaned old carb, same result. Installed new carb same result. New spark plug with new carb, same result. Any ideas??

  12. Hello all I have a question. I have a 7hp Tecumseh , mtd snow blower. I start the engine normally , with the choke opened and the engine start right up. Once the engine is running I switch the choke to the closed position and the engine will stop running. What may cause that problem? From my understanding the engine is suppose to remain running when I shift the choke back to the closed position. Please help, thank you

  13. Hey donyboy 73, question,      is it possible to convert a Tecumseh hm80 single shaft pto  to a dual shaft pto if you switch the back of engine and add the longer cam shaft???- just wondering your experience with this. thanks… rick

  14. Hi. Great videos. I have a toro 521tecumseh carb. There's a small tube that's part of the main jet. So when you attach the bowl that center piece has a small tube attached to it. Another video said there's a ball in there that moves and we should hear it move. I don't. Is that true ? Says to be careful putting in the air mixture screw could damage it. Can you help ? Thx.

  15. Is there a new carb complete with float bowl for a tecumseh V60-70363J online or somewhere else? Im trying to keep my old snapper running.

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