Carburetor Rebuild on 4-7HP Tecumseh Snowblower Engine Part 2/2

In this easy to follow video I show you how to rebuild the carburetor on an older 7HP Tecumseh engine on a snowblower. The same procedure will apply even if your engine is not mounted on a snowblower.

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45 thoughts on “Carburetor Rebuild on 4-7HP Tecumseh Snowblower Engine Part 2/2

  1. Hi Dony ! On the side of my tecumseh snowblower carb, ( Ariens brand ) I see a little valve that is covered with a very small black cover ( it seems to be rubber ) I've watched so many videos now, it may be one one of yours where you showed removing that little rubber piece and then you can unscrew that needle valve. What does that needle valve do ? what part of the carb does it operation etc… thank you for the great video !

  2. Best video on the subject I have found. Helped me finally figure out how to put the little piece on the float. That little spring was a mystery to me until I saw your detail of this area.
    Thanks for helping me get that engine running again.

  3. Thanks for another great video! I'm working on my daughter inlaw's 20 yr old Toro7/24 with HSK70 engine. New carb is the way I would go for gas delivery issues but Tec has discontinued. I bought rebuild kit and proceeded as you so aptly teach on this video but cannot get more than 1600 rpm and lots of popping. I see that TEC has venturi  listed as a separate part but noticed that you did (and other videos I viewed) did not remove it as you do in other videos. I also could not remove it as I have in large TEC engines.  Are there any side holes in this ventury? By now I have watched tons of your videos and am pretty capable but having lots of trouble with this machine that was extremely well cared for and looks better than many 6-8yr old machines. I rebuilt carb on my aunt;s 36 yr old 7/24 Toro and that starts 1st pull consistently. Cleaned and adjusted ignition coil as well. It is an HSK70 130282U. Any ideas? I have viewed your vids on ignition issues and wonder if there is a definitive way to check the ignition module for spark present but maybe weak?

  4. donyboy on the throttle linkage where can i get that long spring do they have a part number for it the only one i been finding is the throttle return spring on the shaft

  5. question the white wire and the one coming off ign switch are they hooked together my engine is a h-60 they were unhooked when i got this machine

  6. Had to replace the needle and seat on my snowblower. Thank you for the tips.
    Didn't do a complete teardown… was just aiming to fix the gas leak and it wouldn't start. After the snowblower started right up to my surprise.

    The old seat was completely clogged. Forced it out with compressed air which made the bowl float leak. $11 in parts for the two gaskets, clip, needle and seat…

  7. Also because I didn't have any tools to take the o ring out from the float seat, I didn't replace it, could that be causing my engine surging?

  8. I have a Tecumseh HS50 I don't know the hp,, I rebuilt the whole carb but the engine sputters when I give it a little gas, I don't know what's wrong with it

  9. DonyBoy, Thanks for the video. I think there is a small error. The drill bit size to test the float is 17/64 not 11/64 as you state. At least my float looks like yours but I needed the larger bit. If you think I'm wrong, I'd like to know.

  10. Excellent videos – thank you. I got the kit and got my '74 Ariens running. I have gas leaking out and dripping from the bottom of the bowl though – thoughts?

  11. Hello, I'm running into an issue where even though I adjusted a new float assembly like you did in the video fuel is still coming out of the carb from the top where the choke plate/throttle assembly are which leads me to believe it's overfilling. Is there potentially something I'm going wrong?

  12. Excellent guide! Only advice I would add would be to almost completely unscrew the main needle valve in the bowl nut before screwing it onto the bowl. If the needle is too far in from the factory, you can ruin it when you torque the bowl nut.

  13. Donyboy, what kind of carb cleaner (dip/soak) overnight do you use? The one at Autozone said not to use with plastic parts and the fuel inlet on my snow thrower is plastic. Thanks in advance! 

  14. Hi Dony,

    I've got the exact same veteran Tecumseh engine on a John Deere snowblower. It must have been made by the same manufacturer as yours and mine are perfectly identical. My question is what's the part number for the whole carburetor assembly ?


    Daniel R.

  15. Donyboy73 great videos that's for posting them for us, I have a 1977 Ariens snowblower with the same card in this video but mine doesn't have a primer, now I went through and cleaned everything replacing the gaskets, float needle and the seat, also put new fuel lines, filter, and shut off valve and got it running but my problem is it'll only run on full choke I tried cleaning the carb three times thinking I missed something and I have the same issue, do you have any suggestions thank it'll be greatly appreciated,

    Thanks Ryan R

  16. That's a great video!
    Our snowblower sat outdoors, partly covered for a number of years (at least 10) and with fresh gas did start and run for a few moments briefly this fall, but then wouldn't start at all.
    I got a rebuild kit and new float and followed the video instructions and it started, and ran, on the the first try; and restarted easily. 
    So thank you very much for the excellent presentation. It was clear, and I especially appreciated the close-ups showing exactly what goes where. Also appreciated your explaining that drill bits could be used if the special tool wasn't available–it wasn't.

  17. How can i get my tecumseh 10hp hmsk105 to run without it acting like it wants to spit and sputter when itry to clear snow ? Thanks for any help

  18. My Tecumseh engine is on an old Ariens snowthrower (rototiller type). Donyboy, it seems like there's gas leaking from that drain plug on the bowl which the one in this video does not have. The rubber o-ring is new on the plug so could the spring need to be replaced? The entire gas tank emptied overnight on me and I can't have it leaking away like it is. Any more help is appreciated. Thanks for all of these.

  19. Hi donyboy I have a Toro 521 snowblower , gas leaks out of the primer line connector and sprays out of the little hole above and to the left of it.  Might I need to replace the Welch Plug and if so how do I do that? 

  20. Hey donyboy I have a 7/24 toro that I just did an engine swap on with the same model. Cant seem to get it ideling right. I watched your video on cleaning the carb and am gonna tfy some adjustments first. Any other tips you can vive me. The snow blower also in neutral inchs foward like its in gear. Any idesa.

  21. Donyboy I have a snow king 8hp Ariens. I bought a replacement carb a few years ago with the adjustable jet. I believe its a Oregon.I removed the carb to rebuild it, watched your video and found during the process that I can not locate the little white needle gasket.I looked down with a magnifier and the inside appears to be brass, I used a pick and could not pull anything out. When reassembled with float and needle I blow thru the inlet tube and the air flow stops at the correct level.Is it possible my carb has a brass seat? Or the gasket is discolored and just hard to get out. I'm a little confused.

  22. Your videos are much appreciated!  I bought a 20 year old Simplicity snow blower last year.  It ran great for a few storms.  Then it ran rough and gas was gushing out of the carburetor bulb.  I had no idea what was wrong.  Looked up YouTube for help and discovered your videos for rebuilding carbs.  The brass float wasn't floating because of fuel leaking into it.  I followed your videos for taking apart, replacing the float, adjusting the idle screws, governor arm, and throttle screw.  It started on the first pull and is adjusted just right.  I've never done anything like this before so congrat's for posting these videos!  

  23. Thanks for these videos donyboy73. These are some of the most professionally done DIY videos on Youtube and I admire your motivation to help people like me (non-professional) make basic repairs to their own equipment. Blessings!

  24. All your videos are great and full of information don, I don't understand how anyone could dislike them lol

  25. Is there a way to bypass the safety shutoff on an Ariens 4 HP Model 922024 snow-blower with the attachment clutch engaged(auger/impeller) once the Interlock lever or Traction drive levers are released on the handles to keep the engine running? I'm fully aware of the risk but hate to disengage the attachment clutch every time just to keep the engine running. Thanks, great videos to watch! 

  26. I ordered a complete rebuild kit #31840 for my 4 HP Tecumseh carb, but the parts book doesn't show a new bowl nut like your kit has! Should the bowl nut have a tiny hole between the top threads as well as a larger hole in the bottom threads and what is the purpose for the top hole? My old bowl nut shows a tiny impression which I'm unable to unclog after sitting in carb cleaner for 48 hrs. Love your videos dude, terrific job photographing and explaining, Kudo's!

  27. donyboy73, thank you for all your videos… they're awesome and VERY VERY helpful.  I followed your video step by step and cleaned out the carb, reassembled, etc etc.  However, a few seconds after putting gas in the gas tank, fuel began to pour out of the carb/air filter.  I checked the float, shaking it and listening for liquids and there was nothing.  Do you know what is causing this?  Thanks again for your great videos and look forward to reading your response.  Have a nice day. 

  28. Hi donyboy73.  Your video was very informative and confidence building.  I removed, disassembled and cleaned the carb on my 28 year old John Deere 524 snow blower that would not run unless it was on full choke.  After reattaching the newly cleaned carb, the engine started right up.  Wow!  However, while I was doing the recommended fine tune run adjustments using the the main fuel jet and idle adjustment screws, the carb began to pour fuel out of the throat and the engine quit.  I rechecked the float valve pin and seat, and they seemed to have good integrity.  Within a few seconds on the re-try upon opening the fuel tank cock, fuel again just ran out of the carb throat.  I then replaced the float pin valve and seat to no avail.  Any comments or suggestions would be helpful.  Thanks.  P

  29. Enjoy the vids donyboy73, thank you.  I performed all the steps in Part I & 2, and rebuilt the entire carb with kit on a Tecumseh 7HP. Installed new plug, fuel line and primer hose, fresh gas, changed oil.  Cleaned the carb thoroughly.  Engine will not start.  The electric starter and recoil works.  Any other areas to look at?  Thx for the help.  

  30. Thanks so much for the videos. I have never removed and cleaned a carb from a snowblower but your video gave me the confidence to do so on the Tecumseh 5HP on my MTD Yard Machine blower. After completing this cleaning procedure, I was able to start the blower. There was some white smoke that came out of the muffler right when it started. It ran for a couple of minutes then it almost sounded like it backfired and died. I have not been able to restart it. I did remove the carb again to check the bowl and it did have gas in it. Any suggestions?
    Two other issues; 1) The electric start sounds like it is working fine some of the time then it sounds like it has come disengaged and just whines. Here is a video: 2) The linkage for the throttle control does not seem to be moving correctly thus not opening/closing the butterfly flap. Here is a video: Any thoughts?

  31. Hello Dony. thanks for the instructions. I have a (I believe it's 5HP) MTD Snow King Model 317-550-000 with the Tecumseh engine. I was given this snowblower. It had sat for years. I cleaned the carburetor, but it still won't run good. Perhaps I didn't do a very good job…not like you did. I'm going to get the repair kit like you did. The main problem with my carburetor now is that it will only run on full choke making the control lever useless. When I try to "off choke" it dies. I believe I have everything out of adjustment now as I've been tweaking it to make it run on full choke. Any other pointers much appreciated. What I'll be doing at any rate is follow your video instructions. Thank you again.

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