32 thoughts on “Carburetor Rebuild on ECHO Grass Trimmer Part 1/2

  1. hi donyboy73

    I took it all apart and cleaned everything. Placed the spark plug in and pulled the cord. It turns just fine. Its a new spark plug, new fuel lines and now a new carb just installed.I still cant get it to start. Im not sure that the new carb made a difference.any help will be appreciated.

  2. Hi mate I've just been given a Sthil BG55 blower it starts, but runs erratically, when you pull the throttle trigger sometimes it cuts out sometimes it doesn't, I've taken the carburettor apart the diaphragms look ok but it do you think it's worth me buying a carb kit to repair it? Also the primming bubble on the carb doesn't seem to pull much fuel when you press it.

  3. Thank you for the reply, I will try that what do you think is the problem with the primer bulb not sucking up much fuel? Also does the BG55 have a screen in the muffler? As I have been watching some of your videos

  4. this video is most informative. I have a question though, I have a Echo srm 210 with a zama emission carb. It will start up with choke as it should and runs fine, except when removed off choke it runs fine at idle, but when I give it throttle it will die. I have installed a carb kit, and still same issue. I also purchased a new carb and same issue. I removed the muffler and checked for scared piston, rings and carbon in the port, and all look vary good
    so what would you try next to troubleshoot

  5. fuel and filter new, maybe I'll replace the plug, not sure what is going on with it at this point
    do you know of another carb that will work on this machine, that has mixing screws

  6. I have a echo hedge trimmer very much like this and a few years back,it was running very erratic I cleaned the carb,no difference bought a new carb still the same,I had to keep adjusting the idle screw to use it.I tried new fuel lines still the same i found out in the end it was the paper head gasket,its been great ever since and starts quicker than I ever did.Thanks for your vid.

  7. My carb kit came with an extra pump diaphram (with tabs) made of clear plastic. Should I install that one also? In what order?

  8. I just got done with a carb overhaul on an Echo trimmer and it wouldn't start. After looking it over I found that the muffler was stopped up with dirt dobber nest. lol. Clear it out and it starts on the first pull.

  9. Hey Don are these good little engines? My uncle has this same weedeater and said I could have it. Was thinking about throwing it on a bike.

  10. Great video and information. This was my first time engine repair. I rebuilt the carb and replaced the fuel lines and filter on my Echo SRM230. Starts easy and runs great. Will be making a donation.

  11. Hey man I got an Echo SRM-210 trimmer. It's about 12 years old and still runs as good as new but I did have to put a new carb. on it a few years ago. Just recently gas started coming out the carb., soaking the air filter with gas. What do u think is wrong? The fuel lines and grommet are all good. Not sure about the vent check valve or gas cap.
    Any ideas on what the problem is? THANK YOU.

  12. I often wonder what makes it virtually impossible to clean some carburetors thoroughly enough to get them back to running again. Maybe try a rubber-tipped air nozzle blast after a good overnight soak in a can of carb cleaner? Some carburetors are too expensive to replace, if not Chinese.

  13. why does my echo gt 2400 run right when i turn the high speed screw but than it boggs down until i turn the high speed screw again i have to constantly play with the high soeed screw

  14. A lot of the time it is a hardened metering diaphragm that needs to be replaced. And clean the carb while your in there.

  15. dude, gotta say, u have some helpful video's. n like your choice of 1/4" Impact's.,, watching this one,gotta say, as a Moving truck driver, a shipper (customer),gave me a "Echo" SRM 2501, with bump cutter blade, looked like out of box,minus, dry rot primer bulb, and for shit's n giggles, changed fuel line's n fuel filter too (n got 10 air filter's from China for under $10.00), ,,Wow,the Bamboo in my back yard, one bump,stalk down, so got string guard,(new). on E bay, $16.00. put on speed feed 400 trimmer head, wow, understand,why pro's use "Echo". 1/2 trigger pull n everything wiped out. honestly, don't think he used it for more than a season,if that,like "new". I'd not sell it for anything,but can u tell me,what it would be worth,and how old it is ? could not find the Air filter's locally anywhere ? know old,but customer probably 80's,and was probably getting old to use when he bought it. (seriously,kept in basement, look's like out of box).run's like out of box. just had to put WD-40 on choke,to make it move like new.

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