CARBURETOR Repair on Older BRIGGS & STRATTON 3.5HP Engine Part 1 of 2

Taking the Carb off, diaphragm and cleaning it. This is the same engine on the older lawnmowers with a Briggs & Stratton motor without a primer. Visit my channel for more repair videos.



20 thoughts on “CARBURETOR Repair on Older BRIGGS & STRATTON 3.5HP Engine Part 1 of 2

  1. could you sometime do a video to trace the flow of gas from the tank to the throat of the carb in a pulsa jet carb?…thanks…

  2. dony, great video. I have picked up an identical rototiller as in your demo. So far i have serviced the Carb following your details and have the engine going. Thanks to your video/you. my problem is mechanical at this point ; a worn worm shaft  at the points under the bearings and also the shaft bushing and seal. However i am unable to get the unit info. manufacture and model number off the name plate to source parts etc. Wonder if that available off that unit? Hope by a long shot it is.

  3. Many many thanks for posting this video.
    I have a 1974 Mountfield M3 mower (with a Briggs & Stratton engine) which had lain unused for the last 7 years, because it was impossible to start.
    Courtesy of your tuition, I had the courage to remove and clean out the fuel tank and carburettor.
    My M3 now runs almost like new. (Only "almost" probably because it is now impossible to obtain the correct fuel for this engine —- i.e. 4-star leaded. But at least it DOES run on 2-star unleaded, with a little squirt of Redex !!).
    Thanks once again …………..

  4. i have 2 of these that i have been working on.  i have cleaned out the carbs very well and replaced the diaphram.  it will run for a second then slowly run out of fuel all while surging, if i spray start fluid toward the intake it picks up or can slow down so i think its a fuel issue.  however with a cleaned carb and new diaphram what else could it be? the tank is clean also, i was wondering if you have seen any of these pick up tubes start leaking at the top where that black sealant is. also i have been working on a couple other engines as well that have a miss (not spark drop), i adjusted and cleaned all spark components and cleaned carbs very well. one is a tecumseh from an early 90's craftsman similar to the eager 1 series and the other is a 5 or 6 hp briggs on a newer toro.  with both these i pulled heads thinking the miss was from leaking compression due to leaking head gasket or bad valve seating. both were full of carbon, i cleaned the heads the best i could. with both the miss got worse after doing this i know one of the gaskets were bad but the other was not. i got a new gasket in for the toro and i am going to try it again.  any chance my miss could be related to valve seat issues if the head was full of carbon? your videos have helped me on occasion when i get stumped and are always very informative and i do alot of small engine repair but this is still my weak point is this miss unrelated to spark of fuel. any help on these issue would be greatly appreciated, or at least maybe common issues you have seen that cause a miss unrelated to spark or fuel. thanks!

  5. On mine there is a sixth screw hidden in the venturi about 1 !/2" long.So dont be too hasty trying to force the carb away from the tank.

  6. problem I'm striking on older B&S engines, 80s mostly, with die-cast metal carbs..(I just replaced one an hour ago with another used carb, I used one of the slightly later plastic ones, plastic but no plunger button )is this issue where a highly rich condition develops…the engine starts and runs, but clearly runs -very- rich, a visible soot-smoke discharge from the muffler…when you screw the mixture screw in to full-lean even, right up to the stop, on a carb working properly this would normally lean off so much that it would stall the engine, but when engine has this problem, it is so rich that screwing in mixture screw cannot stall it even…I have seen this condition just on those old metal carbs several times now, exact same symptoms, all I have done is swap carbs to one working ok still, but what specifically causes this, I'd prefer to fix them if fairly easy..

  7. Hello Thanks a lot for the video.
    I need to change the gaskets and the diaphragm of my concrete machine which have a Briggs&Stratton 3,5 Hp Horizontal Linkage modele:91232 Type:1363 E1 Code:980513FA. Do you know the numbers for the gaskets and diaphragm kit.
    Thank you for your reply.

  8. Dony, do you know if there are still carburetor rebuild kits available for this engine?

    I believe my 2002 Craftsman edger uses the same engine. Really, I only need that paper looking diaphragm for the carburetor. I feel as if that's the culprit because I have cleaned everything else out really well.

    Same style engine with the fuel tank also filling in as the fuel bowl, with the carb mounted directly to the top of the fuel tank.

    Thank you!

  9. Dony. A two gallon dip-tank, with kerosene, is what you need, for cleaning those tanks and carbs. And then a gallon of carb cleaner, with the basket, is good for the carbs. Works wonders. I`m surprised your not using those. Otherwise, nice vids.

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