CARBURETOR Repair on Older BRIGGS & STRATTON 3.5HP Engine Part 2 of 2

Reinstalling the carburetor and diaphragm. The final setting on Carb was 1 3/4 turn out.This is the same engine on the older lawnmowers with a Briggs & Stratton motor without a primer. Visit my channel for more repair videos.



20 thoughts on “CARBURETOR Repair on Older BRIGGS & STRATTON 3.5HP Engine Part 2 of 2

  1. Great video thanks. I bought a second hand carb for my one. It starts on choke but the throttle lever has no effect until you move it to idle when the engine dies. Choke flap is working fine. Any ideas?

  2. Like seeing an old family movie compared to your current ones. Still very useful as I need to rebuild the carb on a 30 year old 3HP leaf blower. Thanks, fingers crossed.

  3. Your videos were great. I was left with a situation though that I hope you can help me with. The mower would only run with the butterfly wide open until I cleaned the carb (with your video). Then it started second pull and mowed very tall grass like a champ. Even had to restart it twice (pilot error, not the mower). Worked great. Then I took a 10 minute break. It hasnt tried to start since? Do you know what's wrong? Clean everything. Tank, carb etc… Fresh gas. Thanks in advance and thanks for the video!

  4. i have a Briggs selfpropelle 3.5 and it is very hard to change the oil because the nut is inside the cover blade pleases tell me how. i try but i can,t get this out.

  5. Donny I just replaced the carb gasket and noticed when taking the carb apart that the larger diameter spring was located in the gas tank hole and not in the carb hole. I put it back as I found it and the engine works great. Is it possible that the spring actually belongs in the tank hole ?

  6. I've this same tiller with an engine that isn't producing a spark. I've checked the magneto and it's good. The kill switch wiring doesn't look happy, though I'm somewhat a newb about engine repair. Anyway, would you happen to have a repair manual for this puppy? And by puppy I mean the engine because you can't actually repair a puppy, yet you can fix one.

  7. I have a tiller very similar to this one with the same engine. I need to change oil and clean the carburetor, but I don't see a drain plug for the oil. Is there one on these models?

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