Carburetor work on a Coleman generator

This generator is 3750 watts. Works great. Found it on the side of the road. Dude was just going to throw it away. I picked it up (with permission of course) and decided to get it going…I didn’t realize just how I was going to get it going, but it is going now! 🙂
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22 thoughts on “Carburetor work on a Coleman generator

  1. @utoobube They are tricky. If you don't have that gasket on just right, they won't work. It was probably one of Briggs worst designs. I don't know why they did it like that, but they did.
    Why don't you feel worthy?? Do it man! I'd love to see some repair vids on 4 wheelers. I'm trying to get into working on them as well.
    I was going to blow air up there…I never thought about that..LOL!!! Where were you before I did this?? LOL!
    Thanks much man. I appreciate it!

  2. @vatechbiggdanny LOL! One day I may. I'm working on getting one built, it's just gonna take time, and money. Both of which I don't have a lot of right now. I'll give you 60% credit…LOL!!

  3. @NRP1991 Thanks Nick! Start posting ads on craigslist. Thats all I used to do! Be careful, you may get more busy than you think.

  4. Matt, are you able to remove the starter rope assembly and turn in counterclockwise so the pull handle is not in the way of the air filter assembly? Just a thought. Also, if the engine was under water at one point and the engine oil was white before you changed it out, a good way to make sure all the water is removed in the engine is to fill with WD40 and disconnect the spark plug wire and hand crank it several times and then drain and refill with SAE 30 oil. Great find. Later

  5. @jvanderman That would be pretty cool. Its nice to know that I can help from time to time! 🙂 Let me know if you have any questions bud.

  6. @dapack2007 It wouldn't really make too much sense. The rope really isn't in the way too bad. I though about doing that, but it's fine where it is. When I got this generator, I changed the oil, ran some MMO through it along with some sea foam and made sure it was clean (as best I could).
    Thanks much bud!

  7. LOL, great stuff as always! Did I hear you say "Matt Torque" ? I ALWAYS drop a bolt, screw, or spring down into something when I work on small engines.

  8. @More350Power You sure did hear "Matt torque"…LOL!!
    My fingers can never seem to hold onto anything small like that.
    Thanks much bud!

  9. @mbyr31 LOL, great im gonna have to add that to my vocabulary. "Nick Torque" is usually stripping the bolt out or rounding the heads off bolts, LOL. Good thing you didnt have springs flying across the garage, had that happen many times and finding them requires the use of explatives.

  10. Awesome save Matt! I've attached a video of my freebie generator. It was similarly left in a poor climate condition…namely out doors, for a couple years before I got it. Fortunately………with a little elbow grease coupled with a little know how, it's my back up generator. Great Mod on the old machine!!!!

  11. @ZippoVarga Thanks bud! Thats a pretty neat setup you have on yours. The video stopped on me at 24 seconds. It's always nice to get the free stuff!
    Thanks again man, I appreciate it

  12. @mbyr31 Yeah, your vid stopped on me too. I think youtube was having some troubles yesterday. I was able to watch your whole video this time. Cheers!!

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