17 thoughts on “Case 444 Kohler K321 Engine Rebuild

  1. a good way to check for ring wear is to put the old top compression ring in three different spots in the cylinder(make sure to oil the cyl first) and use a feeler gauge to check ring clearance, this will tell you if the rings are shot, when i did my s7d wisconsin engine i got .062, and it was out of spec but a new set of standard size chrome rings put her back in spec, might be worth checking before sending to the shop as a reference for urself

  2. @Nascar3244888 – Cool. I'll have to try it out. My dad actually looked at the motor and found a lot of scoring in the piston and block, so it probably needs to be bored out… but I'll know more soon đŸ™‚

  3. @ahubbard117 sounds like it will have to be bored, After hearing about the scoring, that definitely sounds like lack of lubrication, its sad…really all you need is a quart or 2 of oil a drain pan and a funnel and about 15 min to prevent this from happening, and only 5 seconds to check oil level on the dipstick….its sad how lazy some can be…..good luck with it

  4. @Nascar3244888 – Yea, there wasn't much oil in it when I opened it up. The guy my dad got it from said it had been smoking for a while. He told my dad it wasn't anything to worry about, but my dad and I know better. But he got it for a reasonable price, and the rest of the tractor was in good shape. What oil was in the motor, was really dirty.

  5. @ahubbard117 sounds more and more like rings were the main cause to the smoking and with the smoking/ burning oil, that probably led to the low oil level which resulted in the scoring of the piston and cylinder….I also noticed as engines get older the oil gets black quicker, so maybe he did perform an oil change at some point but with the smoking he just kept adding oil so it mixed with the old stuff rather than draining it out and putting fresh stuff in her

  6. The throttle lever was all the way down on your Case when you checked the compression. For accurate readings you should have put it at wide open throttle.

  7. i had 10 pounds compression on my engine.. and it ran! but was hard to start and now waiting for a new piston and ill go 0.20 overbore đŸ™‚

  8. Don't those engines have a compression release…so you CAN NOT do a valid compression check ?  Right note per  Michele below !

  9. 14hp Kohler K321 engines used in the Case 444 have "ACR" which stands for automatic compression release. ACR will keep the valves opened until the engine spins up to 600rpm's before the valves will seat. ACR is used to help with making the engine easier to start. You cannot do a proper compression test because of this. I believe that a vacuum draw down test is about all you can do to check this type of engine.

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