23 thoughts on “Cast Iron Briggs and Stratton Flo-Jet Carb Rebuild Part 2

  1. I have 8hp B   & S with a 3 bolt carb like the one you show.  Did everything so far, and it still starts, runs for a minute, then dies out.  Can you help?  If you have an email, I can show you pictures of what I have.  Thanks.

  2. I am trying to get my simplicity 725 running again after about 10 years of it setting up in a bldg, what would you check and do to restart this engine? Model # 200401, Type# 0019-01 and Serial# 680821. Thanks

  3. Thanks: I finally got a rebuild kit for my 89 troy built Horse tiller. Tried a china made new one. Don't ask all that was wrong. Purchased it from Jacks small engine the rebuild kit not the carburetor, they cost about the same . The emultion tube ( long tube) at the main jet shows on the web site picture but is not included in the kit anymore, ask before you order.There people are nice on the phone but it will delay you a week and cost 15bucks more. I had to order it separately. and the two float needles where wrong. ( I reused the old one with the viteron tip. No leeks and it runs much better. I was wondering if the handle levers are supposed to engage the tines because they serve no function on mine.
    I would not mind cleaning the plug where they come together but I'm afraid to use electrical cleaner as I know that will cause the plastic on telephone and data plugs (rj-11- 12-45 etc.) to disintegrate. Thanks again for your work. Island Mike. mislandmike@hotmail.com

  4. Hi, thanks for the video. I have one of these off a 16hp from a Gravely 800 series. Where do you order your kits from?

  5. we have a couple of those carbs on a couple simplicity's we have, we cant get either of them to idle up we have tried everything clean and adjusting would you know whats wrong?

  6. It's in the carb, only runs with choke on, turn off it stops, cleaned every thing, all ports, the tube, needle valves, take choke off and it's just like you hit the kill lever. Help

  7. please help! i have a 16hp briggs with the same carb. i replaced the coil, gapped the points, replaced the spark plug, and put a brand new carb on… but i cant for the life of me get it to run smooth. i start both screws at 1.5 on the carb and sometimes i can get a decent idle but it will not rev up good, Ever! so i start over at 1.5 on both screws and sometimes i cant even get decent idle. its driving me crazy!!! any help would be great!

  8. Would love for you to contact me at waltweb wth a gmail account.  Have this carb on a 16HP motor on a Simplicity that I can not get to run and looks like not drawing fuel

  9. Great video. I just picked up a used Giant Vac leaf blower with an 8hp B&S with what looks like that same exact carb. I wasn't sure what the starting point was for setting those screws. It didn't run at all when I got it but after tinkering with it for a while I got it going. But still not where it should be. I did notice some fuel leaking around the bottom where you said to check. I guess I need to tighten that main jet and then reseat the adjustment screw and back off 1.5 turns. I haven't been able to run the blower off of choke yet. I'll mess with it again tomorrow.

  10. Hey I've really enjoyed all these videos on your flow jet carburetor series

    I have a 1973 turf tech it was made by Southern states I think ultimately it's probably an MTD

    It's a 16 hp cast-iron single cylinder Briggs & Stratton

    I'm having trouble with the carburetor and maybe you can help troubleshoot it for me

    It has progressively gotten harder to start once I get it running and warmed up it'll run fine and all day but in order to start it it turns over for a very long time and slowly it'll catch run for a minute and then I'll have to try it over some more spit and sputter a little more eventually it starts and will run or I have to use starter fluid

    I've pulled it apart cleaned everything put it back together based on what I've seen on your videos but it still does the same thing

    My guess is it's starving for fuel on start up but I can't figure out where that would be??


  11. Hi Zippo…..I have a 7 hp carb on a briggs troy bilt tiller…in the kit is a brass/metal valve seat and i have it replaced fine….there is a little green rubber seat and i am not sure if it goes in my carb as i did not find one when taking it apart. Also the tube that the needle valve goes up from the bottom edge is frozen in place and will not come out….should i carefully drill it and clean threads or just use it as it is and not replace? Thanks

  12. good video, I purchased a new carb on line for $16.00 looks great but it will not draw gas to engine,if you put gas in the throat it will run for a second.the original did the same I have good flow to the carb and after removing carb there is gas in the bowl,could I have a different problem with internal engine? what ya think

  13. hey zippo been watching a lot of your videos,, i got a old briggs on a simplicity that will only run wide open has no throttle response dont know if its the govenor hooked up wrong or what??

  14. Where can I get a briggs and Stratton Flo Jet carburetor Model23 D F B or parts numbers? It goes on a 1964  Power King Economy tractor

  15. thanks for your input i have flo jet carb the problem is it back fires at shut down and kinda crackles at high speed and also governer runs in and out all the time thanks can you help

  16. I have a 8hp briggs that boggs out when I increase the throttle. Starts fine, idles superbly but I cant get it to increase rpms without dying on me. Any suggestions?

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