Centrifugal Governor

The centrifugal governor was invented by James Watt. The centrifugal governor was required to assist iN the development of machines and technology and was necessary for the industrial revolution to occur. Centrifugal governors can be found in modern cars, GV’s and jet engines



45 thoughts on “Centrifugal Governor

  1. Shadows and ray tracing (reflections) are distracting and can cause confusion. Usually, these features are turned off when rendering this type of animation.

  2. To raise the quality of the video i want to give you a piece of advice: put a voice explaining the whole thing 🙂

  3. Can someone explain to me what would happen if a governor weren't used? Would the engine explode? Perhaps spectacularly?

  4. Great video but your explanation is complexly wrong. Centrifugal force does not exist, only centripetal does. What is actually happening is the "collar" at the top of the governor is moving towards the center of its rotation, thus lifting the balls. There are many, many demonstrations of this truth on YouTube. Check them out. (Sorry about that Chief.)

  5. I wonder if it's possible to re-design this, so that instead of changing the amount of fuel to an engine, it adjusts a sweeping gradient gear?
    I mean the general design with spinning testicles to read the output speed is good, but varying the fuel seems inefficient.

  6. While James Watt did design the first Governor, Watt himself gave credit for the invention of the Governor to his partner, Matthew Boulton.

  7. Compared to so many sites that are too technical and tedious; this is a fast,simple and easy to understand video. Thanks a bunch for making it!

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