12 thoughts on “Champion Generator Running Rough

  1. looks like you are missing the throttle spring, its the very fine spring that goes over the throttle arm. that will cause that interruption and make the engine rev up and down like that among other things however thats the first thing i would have eliminated before going further.

  2. I have the same problem – just changed the carb and it is still not running properly but this was due to my mistake (as it turns out with the 3 gaskets from the new carb I probably put one of them on wrong. I then did another recommendation with the original carb by putting a pin in the small hole in the plastic jet under the black plastic screw. Now the engine runs like it should. I need to tweak the adjustments to make sure its in the best running mode. As a side note the replacement carb I got from Ebay for $10 was not the exact replacement cause my model has some kind of wired auto-choke on top of the carb. That assembly can't be put on the replacement. It has a manual choke arm only.

  3. My 4000w runs fine at low idle, but then when it has 1500w+, it surges and eventually shuts off. I changed the oil and put fresh gas in it and it's still doing it. Carb or ?

  4. 22018 I had the same issue, and this worked perfectly. Generator runs smooth now. just remember to count the number of turns when you back out the black plastic screw, 5 turns for mine Champion 3500. Gently pry up the black plastic jet. I used a strand of wire to fit in the jet! No need to remove carburetor. Even though I Stabilize My Gas And Run The Carb Dry, This Still Happens. Plus I Start It Regulaly.

  5. Had the same problem,tried cleaning the carburettor etc but found it was the float pin not letting enough fuel in to the bowl,adjusted the pin by pulling the spring through the gap the float pin connects to curing the problem .

  6. Thanks for the info. I took out the black plastic screw on the carburetor and then removed the black plastic plug it was indeed plugged. I used a guitar string (B) to push the debris through reinstalled and it purrs like a kitten.

  7. Ok just fixed mine have the same issue it's the low idle jet look at the back of the carb there's a plastic idle screw take it out right below that there is a plastic plug use a pocket or a fine flathead screwdriver and carefully pry one side at a time take it out be carful it has an o ring at one end of it there is a micro hole jet that's pluged causing it not to get fuel at idle get a fine. Sewing needle and push it thru the hole and put it back together and then you have a new machine

  8. The one i have has 6 hours used on it and has done that same idle since I purchased. I bought it used with 5 hours used on it. Champion Model 46555 Aug 2011. It will work and power items when needed. i.e. power went out and the truck was stuck in the garage. For the last 5 years I've only started it monthly and changes the gas just to keep it running when/if it's needed, but not for any work/load.

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