36 thoughts on “Change Mower Oil YOURSELF – Briggs and Stratton

  1. I quess that's pretty much all there is to do. Change the oil, clean the air filter and make sure there is some fresh gas in the fueltank

  2. "Grated you might get your hands A little dirty but that's just a part of life" lol you earned a sub keep up the good work

  3. The paper funnel is a good idea. I usually just use an old plastic water bottle. Cut it in half and you're good to go. Reusable as well. So "better" for the environment.

  4. How.much Lucas to 30W? I have a 5.5hp Craftsman. No oil plug so I basically just took the tank off and cleaned it, installed a new air filter, & currently trying to clean the carb without rebuilding it. Lastly, once everything is together and I'm sure it runs, it is in desperate need of new oil though. It was a free mower, but clearly hasn't been taken care of…

  5. thanks for the video.. I was about to just tip my mower to the side being theres no drain cap under it… better to be safe than sorry lol.

  6. Thanks for that, many seem to tip the mower upside down, but Ilike this. The only hassle is to get the mower high enough to reach down there. I decided to put it onto two milk crates and it was good until I realised this stupid plug is not the size of the set of spanners sockets I have, the square hole is two small for them, I ended filing a bolt to fit in, not the best tool. Yours must be a special tool then.

  7. I'm so glad to read some of you all's comments as I would have probably killed myself in the process of continuing on to drain and change the oil. 1. Empty gas tank. (but the engine will not run so the oil will loosen up, if out of gas) 2. Remove spark pug 3.Loosen filter 4. Drain oil by syphon (which I tried.. messy!) or just tip over (empty gas 1st!) or by placing mower on self-made cement block lifts to drain. …did I miss a step?
    btw, I own a Troy Bilt w/ Briggs & Stratton engine. ….going to a repair shop to have them service the mower.

  8. The tutorial was perfect even the disposible cup used for the oil to figure it how much is necessary to refill. The only problem was someone else notice on those comments was to unplug the spark plug as seafty precaution

  9. excellent simple video for any American Joe. i just got a mower like this and found it was pretty neglected. the filter sponge was a solid cake of grease and dirt. thumbs up

  10. Careful NOT to put debris in the oil, and then just knock the dirty air filter straight into the open carb!! I'd prefer grass in my engineoil

  11. My Briggs and Stratton does not have a drain plug underneath. I believe they expect you to drain it out of the filling hole. That's a ridiculously stupid design.

  12. One major thing of safety you didn't address and looks like you didn't use is to unplug your spark plug. You can lose your fingers with any kinetic energy still stored with these engines.

  13. i use 2-5gal. buckets turned upside down to raise the mower up if you don't have blocks raise the front of mower up and set deck on front bucket raise the rear of mower up with handle bars and push rear bucket under rear deck with your foot

  14. I hold mine upside down and drain it through the fill hole (with empty gas tank). Got it in 2009 and still working great in 2015. New air filter added also, thanks to Amazon. I have washed the old filter and oiled it with motor oil all of these years but decided to get a new filter after 6 years. I've used 10w30 since I got it but it gets hot in my are so I went with straight 30w. As far as repairs, all I've done is the rubber diaphragm and gasket that goes between carb and gas tank. 4 Bucks at a local shop for the parts and works like a champ. I have never messed with the plug because it starts great and makes good power. (if it ain't broke, don't fix it).

  15. I used to use that Lucas stuff, I kept finding aluminum shavings come out in my oil changes. I quit using it and that stopped. One thing I like to do is if any of my small engines sit for more than a few weeks is pull them over a few times to get the oil splashing around. One year I was mowing my brothers yard for him and his mower had sat all winter. I forgot to do that for whatever reason and it knocked like hell for about 5 seconds. Scary.

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