Choke, Throttle & Governor Linkage Configuration on Briggs & Stratton 4-5Hp Engines

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48 thoughts on “Choke, Throttle & Governor Linkage Configuration on Briggs & Stratton 4-5Hp Engines

  1. So I am having a problem where that butterfly thing that you were talking about is held wide open all the time no matter where the throttle is what could be causing this?

  2. I have one of those 5 horsepower fun power Briggs & stratton's and the Pulse Jet carburetor needs a pickup tube can you buy one of those separate for it

  3. Thank you for the great video. I reinstalled the carburetor onto the top of the tank with a new tank gasket. When engine is running, gas leaks out onto the top of the tank under the carburetor. Should I use 2 gaskets (to make it thicker)instead of just one?

  4. My engine I bought for my minibike has two switches one for choke and one for throttle, how to I install my throttle cable to this system. Thanks!

  5. That is very clear, well explained.
    I wished there was this type of info on Choke, Throttle & Governor Linkage Configuration for the old Briggs 281707 engine

  6. Your information is always dead on!  I have been a professional auto mechanic for 32 years and I highly respect you and greatly appreciate your help in all that you do!  Thank you!

  7. what is the arm that has the little plastic cut clip with the cut that holds the linkage called? its the one in the middle. im missing it and its not in the parts diagrams. any help would be appreciated. its the one your finger is on at 3:22 3:23

  8. I have this engine on my minibike. I am not sure how to attach the throttle for variable speed as the throttle and governor were not hooked up when I purchased it. Any idea? I have referenced your videos on numerous occasions Thanks!!!!

  9. Hey Donyboy, I have a Briggs and Stratton 136212-0015-01 FUN POWER and I am having some problems. The motor will run good for about a minute but then it stalls out and I cannot get it to start again without starting fluid and then it runs for another min or two and stalls again. When It runs tho it seems to run very good. It seems like its a fuel issue but I pulled it all apart and cleaned the carb very good. The engine hasnt been ran more than 3 hours since new but it is about 10 years old, compression is excellent as well.

  10. Does anybody no what the metal fuel line looking thing with the rubber elbows on each end is for? It runs from the side of the carburetor to the block. My rubber elbows are dry rotted and my engine isn't getting fuel. I was wondering what this part done.

  11. Awesome. I've been searching for 2 days on exactly how that governor linkage gets hooked up on that particular engine. Good video except it would have been better if the engine was clean down in that governor area. But good video anyway. Thanks

  12. Thanks Dony for another outstanding video! Very well produced and will save me a lot of sketching on the project I have now. I found a go kart in the dump and the engine runs but the carb needs a good cleaning. This will help me if I forget how it goes back !!!!! I know this video is five years old, but it is definitely useful today !!

  13. We the motor not stay running if governor spring is stretched out or is it in the throttle cable that goes up on the handle bar. The mower is a 1979 Kee with a 20+yr old 5hp BS motor. It runs when moved by hand but not throttle. This is my first motor repair. Thanks.

  14. This is a great video. Could you please tell me where you bought the gas tank and if you know where i can get a carburetor rebuild kit? Please.

  15. I have a rebuilt small 2 piece flow-jet on a 5 HP Briggs #130202. I can't get any power from the motor. It starts 1st pull but give it throttle and it might pop out of the carb or it just doesn't take throttle. It's on a mini bike and it won't even pull itself hard enough to engage the clutch. HELP! Great compression,spark and the valves are not sticking . Any suggestions??

  16. I have a very similar 5hp Briggs and Statton and used your video to put it back together after cleaning. Thank you for including everything! Mine idles fine now, however when I go to engage it into the ground it bogs and dies on me. Did I do something wrong with the assembly? There is no increase in idle when I throttle it with the lever?

  17. Awesome!!! I could not figure out exactly how to put the governor spring back on. Thank you so much for taking such care and making this useful video so complete!!

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