39 thoughts on “Cleaning a small engine carburetor. Briggs and Stratton. Bad gas. Ethanol problems.

  1. This really helped me. I bought a can of carburetor cleaner, took the carburetor apart and found 1 jet clogged and the float was not swinging properly. After cleaning, put it together with fresh, no ethanol, unleaded gas. It now runs like it was new out of the box! Awesome instruction. Thanks!

  2. You helped me step by step do this to my mom's pressure washer. I never thought I could do this stuff but just followed your video step by step and it crunk right up. I believe it was mostly just bad gas sitting in it, but it totally crank right up. Thanks so much. I made a vid of me doing it and gave you some credit in the video section.

  3. Great job explaining and showing how to do the repair job. Good video work as well. Most importantly, thanks for the honesty and integrity in the final part when it didn't start immediately. That is so often the way I get treated for a strong effort here on the farm. Many thanks again

  4. Thank you. I did everything in your video with the same result. so I started browsing for answers and You pointed out that little nut at the bottom of the carburetor bowl. Next time that will be the 1st thing I do…. lol

  5. Wow, what persistence! I am going to look carefully at the bowl and that bolt at the bottom. Your teaching and troubleshooting skills are excellent. Thank you so much!

  6. Thanks, I followed this for ours and was able to take it apart and put it back together and guess what, it worked! The carburetor looked clean so I'm thinking it might have just been the gas, but I wouldn't have known how to even get the gar out of it on my own, lol! Thanks again!

  7. Thank you so much this video is exactly what we are going through and it has our exact problem, you saved us a lot of money. We are thinking about buying a new one or rent one

  8. Awesome video man! My pressure washer ain’t worked in like 3+ years. I was about to drop it off to a small engine repair place for $150 until I saw this video. Had it up and running perfectly in 15 mins. Thanks again!!

  9. thank you so much!!! the vent port in the bottom of the fuel bowl was plugged just like you discovered. We cleaned it and the engine started on the first pull……friggin' brilliant! Ethanol in gasoline is NO GOOD for small carburetors.

  10. Thank you for your help> I got my TB power washer running by cleaning the bowl with float and the screw with the air holes. Had the 2450 that I bought a few years ago. Power Washer sat for several years in the shed. Thanks Again!!!!

  11. I tore my machine apart, carburetor included, and nothing worked. After seeing your video, I found some gunk in the hole in the bowl nut. I cleared it out and the machine started immediately. Thank you!!

  12. Ha! I was given this B&S for free because it didn't work. The pin wasn't seated in the float and the hole in the nut was clogged. BINGO! GREAT VIDEO!

  13. I'm going through that exact same problem right now and did the exact samething with the carb. So now after seeing this I'm going to try cleaning out that little hole in the bolt.

  14. thank you for taking the time and trouble to record and share this. I think I had exactly the same problem and wasted time getting fresh gas, buying new spark plug (taking a trip to Lowes and a gas station each time!). Your video helped.

  15. Excellent video. Really good detail. The little nut at the bottom of the bowl, is the key player. The two side holes on it let gasoline in from the bottom of the bowl to the tiny center hole, and the little hole in the center jets it to the emulsion tube, and that is how you go from a liquid floating in a bowl to a spray into the cylinder. I am in the middle of doing this to my washer for the second time. I actually first got it as a curbside pickup and that was the whole original problem. Next time I use it I will drain it completely (including the bowl) so I don't have to do this again. Thanks for sharing.

  16. I tried starting my pressure washer today and was having the same problem. Your last step in cleaning that tiny, seemingly insignificant, hole on the end of the bolt that holds the bowl on to the carb did the trick. I didn't even know it was there, and had only checked the hole the goes though the bolt. and it was clear. I thought I was going to have to remove the carb and clean it like you did, and for me that is like a major mechanical undertaking. I thank you for going through all that, so I didn't have to. I've learned my lesson…fuel stabilizer won't work well for motors that are seldom ran, like my pressure washer, because of all the ethanol added to gas today.

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