44 thoughts on “Cleaning Carburetor on Craftsman Lawn Mower

  1. Hey man, thanks for the informative video. My neighbor gave me a Craftsman lawn mower very similar to the one you show. I couldn't get it running. But after watching your video, I drained the bowl, installed a new correct plug and primed it like you stated, and voala! She started right up! Thanks!!!!

  2. I've been told I don't know the business end of a hammer. That was so well done. Thank you so much. Started right back up. Totally awesome.

  3. i thought something more serious was wrong with the mower, but after doing what you described in the video (but without removing the primer bulb), my mower is working very nicely.

  4. The primer bulb? Its pretty common. Instead of relying on a choke and engine vacuum to put more gas in the engine, the bulb just squirts more gas in there, thus helping cold starting.

  5. Might I suggest you wear gloves when you are contacting those products — they ARE absorbed into the skin and they ARE carcinogenic.

    Otherwise a very informative video and thanks for posting.

  6. Thanks great video! I wanted to ask about the valve screw that holds the aluminium bowl… I cleaned out the horizontal hole with a wire that worked fine but the hole going down from the top seems to be stuck or is it not supposed to connect with the bottom tunnel?

  7. Everything went fine with disassembly, but then I found the needle valve laying on top of the mower & don't know where it goes. Tried to thread the very fine wire through the shaft which extends into the bowl, but then the metering screw does not want to tighten. Where does the needle valve go? Thanks.

  8. Thanks for the vid.  I'll give it a try before I trash my 10 year old mower.  I'd love to save it.  But it stops right after it starts.

  9. Thank you for the awesome video. Just followed your steps. The float was not light to lift. I got her to loosen up and she started.

  10. Thanks to you and this video I got an old Craftsman 6.0 that I picked up for $5 at a yard sale running perfectly. The video was exactly what I needed.

  11. Wow! Best instructional video ever!! You are perfect in timing, flow, knowledge, visuals. I have been looking for a good one on tractor carburetor cleaning. Very difficult to find. Thank you so much, you are awesome.

  12. When I put the bowl back on, it leaks gas like crazy down through the metering valve. Did I damage the washer gasket on the valve? BTW – very clear and helpful video!

  13. There is also a very very small draw vent hole everyone forgets about right at the top of threads on the main jet.

  14. Just got this lawnmower, it is old and would not start. I followed your directions on cleaning the carburetor and she runs like a charm! Thank you so much!

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