Cleaning Carburetor On Old 11 HP Briggs & Stratton Engine

I have an old Briggs & Stratton 11 HP gas engine that I want to clean up and put on my antique log splitter. The engine has been sitting around for a while and needs some care to get running.

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I bought this engine last year at a garage sale to put on the log splitter. It had older gas already at that time and when I got it home I put it aside for a future date. The time has come. I am splitting logs all over the place now that we are clearing trees to make space for our homestead on the 56 acres of land we own.

Trees equal fire wood so we cut them up into log size and then split them to cure for the next year.

I got this antique log splitter a couple years ago for free. It was rusted up and had an old cast iron 12 HP Wisconsin engine on it. I still have the hand crank starter handle for it and the engine is not seized up and turns well. But I want a more modern engine on the log splitter for now. I will either sell the Wisconsin or restore it one day.

I had a little Harbor Freight 3 HP engine on the log splitter last year. It works but it is too weak for larger logs. So when I got this 11 HP engine I figured it is perfect for the job.

I first studied how the carburetor linkage is connected. Just about every engine is different and you want to remember how it goes back together. This one has a throttle plate under the carb where all the connections go. There is one throttle connection on the carb. The choke cable is long gone.

There is also a breather tube between the crankcase and the carburetor which had to be removed.

I took off the air filter and then the three screws which hold the carburetor onto the engine. Then I took the carb over to the work bench for cleaning.

The first thing I do with any carburetor is to clean the outside before I open it up. This prevents any dirt from falling into your clean carb when you are finished cleaning it and putting it all back together.

I sprayed it down with some carburetor cleaner to loosen the dirt and then used a soft brush to remove the dirt from the outside of the carb.

A small flat head screw driver helps remove dirt from crevices and hard to reach places. Just gently scrape off the dirt and spray again with carburetor cleaner.

I used an air compressor to spray off any loose residue and dirt before proceeding to the inside of the carb.

Opening the carburetor was a challenge because the fuel bowl and the top of the carb fit snugly together. Plus there is a long brass tube which runs from the bottom of the fuel bowl to inside the top section of the carb. This makes it tricky to open up an older gummed up carb. But I got it.

There was some rust in the bowl but it was not very dirty really. I soaked everything up in carburetor cleaner to make cleaning it out easier.

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20 thoughts on “Cleaning Carburetor On Old 11 HP Briggs & Stratton Engine

  1. I am currently working on one of these. model 243432. Mine is on an old Rolling Concrete saw. I cant find anything on the throttle linkage and how its supposed to be done. None of mine was assembled, just had parts. Any help would be great, Thanks and good vid.

  2. Hi Troy, Mel & Chris – Troy get Chris (well all of you ) (but Chris mostly for obvious reasons ) on a BONE BROTH & PROBIOTIC DIET ASAP! Do your own extensive research (but quickly) pray about it and get moving ! Broth bones are free and you have all the amazing milk you need…..for chris's sake get moving on it…it's quick , easy and a gift from our creator 😊👍🙏 please let me know you have received this message and God bless you all…Happy healing 😊👍

  3. What a hack, I can't wait to see how you reassemble this without removing the emulsion tube. Right now you're just lucky not to have bent the tube when you took the carb apart.
    Just spraying carb cleaner through an old carb does not mean it's clean!!!!

  4. troy another way to clean those bowls of rust is put some pee gravel in it with distilled vinager let sit for a while then cover with your hand and shake around

  5. Super good job troy , old carbs are hard to clean IV myself done a few in my time I would just let it sit over night can't wait to see it runny ….

  6. Just curious… Since you are tearing apart the engine anyway, what would it take to convert the engine to run off of wood gas? Or would that not work in this instance?

  7. Troy: Ethanol gas is a problem with small engines, Finding Ethanol free gas can be difficult(Only 18 Stations offering Ethanol Free Gas for the entire state of California!!!). While a pain, it can be dealt with. 1) Use Stabil or other additive to prolong gas storage and defeat Ethanol issues. 2) Drain the gas from tank and run the engine dry if it''s going to be more than 3-4 weeks between running the engine(Note provided you use Stabil as well). I do this consistently and don't have issues starting and running my variety of small engine equipment.

  8. Man I haven't done a carb rebuild in years (and I mean years, like at least 35 or more years). That's a lot of work, but very satisfying when done right and your engine runs well when you are finished.

  9. Good video Troy, Make sure you clean all the little orifices with compressed air and a small piece of wire especially the main jet. A good source of the small piece of wire would be from a wire wheel. Make sure your intake to carb gasket is in good shape.

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