cold start, custom bikes get show ready,

l have built 9 custom bikes out of scrap over the years, l plan on going to a show where l can run them so lets get them ready to play,
play list for think twice here,



24 thoughts on “cold start, custom bikes get show ready,

  1. LMAO!!! I love that kitchen equipment bike!!! As a professional Chef, I can really appreciate the fine job of re-engineering all that stuff into bike parts. GREAT JOB!

  2. Beautiful. I love the twin. Very artistic.

    You've inspired me to build something. Yesterday I picked up an old single speed Murray Monterrey Cruiser off craigslist. I think it's around 50 years old, but has been garage-kept and has almost no rust. It has a sturdy steel frame, and sort of a vintage bike look. It has a freewheel rear hub with coaster brake. As my initial foray I'm just going to add one of the Chinese 2-stroke motorized bike conversion kits to it and go from there.
    I used to ride bicycles a lot for exercise and to get outdoors, but I became disabled in 2010 and haven't been on a bike since because pedaling is too painful. I also used to ride motorcycles all the time when I was younger. This project will get me out of bed, give me something to tinker with, and should be fun to ride. All the parts will be small and light and won't require anything too physically demanding. And I'm hoping it will look good too.
    I really appreciate your videos. When I'm stuck in bed, they take my mind off what hurts and let it turn to more interesting things. And it's more mentally healthy than getting too bogged down in online political debate, LOL.
    So thank you for letting me hang out in your shop, and wish me luck.

  3. Man I'm glad I found your channel I'm really enjoying your content I'm even thinking about building a motorized bicycle myself I'm a tig welder fabricator by trade and to top it off have my own shop I just love building stuff with my hands ….just a side question where are you at location wise I'm in NC I'm asking because I've been looking for vw in my area with next to no luck

  4. MMO gas tank. Awesome!
    You should have people come over just to hang out with you. Could charge admission and have a yellow roped off area so we couldn't interfere with your work. Like "Tim The Tool Guy". Next thing you know your on History channel after American Pickers!
    Love your stuff don't stop.

  5. You probably have a reputation in your area for scavenging items to use in ways not according to their design. When I visit hardware stores, the salesmen always ask what they can help me find. Their eyes glaze over and pretend to get a call. They no longer ask me if they can help. But one store has this old geezer, older than me, and he is a creative old cuss. I like him. Haha! I love the tea pot exhaust!

  6. WOW! Think Twice is a beautiful monster, crammed with ingenious and creative outside-the-box inventions. The "highlight of the weeks" for me is watching Mustie1 videos, that's for sure!

  7. good stuff this is art you have a feel for making fine art out of ordinary things placed in the right order to bring life to the builds real satisfying to see all of the different things

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