Commom Tecumseh Carburetor detailed rebuild from a Toro Lawn mower, lawnmower, generator,snow blower

How to rebuild a common style Tecumseh style carburetor, common on lawnmowers and generators, as well as many other small Tecumseh engines .Be wise on the note that the premier carburetor, which has the completely round primer ball, is found on the old style Tecumseh engines, “this carburetor does not have the jet screw on the left bottom side by the primer ball, it as well has a metal tube that runs through the center of the carburetor not a black, white, red or blue tube, no o rings are in the metal tube,”. Basically if the carburetor has a metal center tube going through the center of the carburetor then no o rings are inside, so you get to skip this step for the rebuild of this carburetor only, this carburetor only as well as no jet on the left side bottom by the primer ball, remember that the jet is covered by a plastic cap on the most common Tecumseh carburetors. Make sure to clean the gas tank with carburetor cleaner, and the fuel filter screen that is in the gas tank, flush with gas, a new fuel line is recommended. If you notice that your your carburetor is leaking fuel from the fuel filter, or fails to restart easy, or fails to run at a very low rpm then you most likely have not seated the seat in the carburetor correctly, you may have low compression, or the carb was not installed correctly. Remember that the circles on the seat face into the carburetor when being installed, make sure your drill bit is just slightly smaller then the the seat. This method works for the Briggs and Stratton carbs as well.

Be sure to buy good carb cleaner. Good carburetor cleaner will burn your skin, a good way to test carb fluid is to spray a very small amount under your arm, give it a few minutes, If your skin swells up and is bright red then you know you got a good product. If your skin does not get red and irritated, repeat the process with other brands of carburetor cleaner until you find one that burns really good. Trust me carb cleaner is not all the same, You do not always get what you pay for with this stuff. You can effectively test the products in the store using this method.



17 thoughts on “Commom Tecumseh Carburetor detailed rebuild from a Toro Lawn mower, lawnmower, generator,snow blower

  1. Thanks-that was very informative.  All these parts are pricey–they have you over a barrel…but what are you gonna do? 

  2. Before inserting the tube, check down inside the carburetor with a flash light to insure that all of the old o ring has been removed, then install the o rings on the tube and install the tube, then screw the bowl screw in right behind it this will seat the tube properly into the carburetor. Remember that each tube gets 2 o rings. One goes on the top and one on the bottom 

  3. Adam,
    Good video. My only comments are in regards to your presentation methods:
    It is difficult for your viewers to see small parts laying on your OSB bench top, and I can easily imagine loosing them in my shop if I did not have a clean white surface such as a clean white shop towel.  I have found that the use of a magnetic parts bowl  assure no loss of ferrous metal parts.

  4. How many times do you think it's necessary to drop the carb on the table?  What's up?  Let's kick it across the street.  Oh, let's smash it a couple times with a hammer.  Jesus.  Give me a fucking break. I especially like this goes with that.  Holy shit.  You're an asshole.  I've had enough.  I can't watch any more. Bye!

  5. Adam, watching your video to rebuild the Tecumseh Carburetor and noticed when you assembled the float, it appeared to have some tension. My carburetor is not leaking, it's just pouring gas out. The float didn't appear to have the same amount of tension like the one you just mounted. Would that most likely be my problem and if so should I just buy a replacement float? Thanks Les

  6. okay, as lostallmymirth said, next time try to get some things in focus and maybe let Mike video while you slam and throw all your parts around. geez

  7. Good video, but a little confusing for the new guys… Referred to the float as as "bowl", float bowl gasket as bowl, and bowl as bowl… I've got the same problem as 70Supercar… Had primer problems on my B&S carbs too.. No good explanation

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