Common Issues With Paccar Engines

Some common issues with Paccar engines and how to check for them and how to get ahead of the game on breakdowns.

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43 thoughts on “Common Issues With Paccar Engines

  1. Thanks man this video its really useful, am about to get me a 2016 peterbuilt with the mx13 motor 😬 hopefully i get a good start as a truck driver

  2. I'm having a turbo actuator fault. Can I make it back to Texas from Iowa so I can get it fixed at home?

  3. Has anyone ever had a problem with the mx13 shutting down when idling? I can get out and pump the primer then it will start, must be getting air somewhere? Filters are good as well.

  4. Been learning from the things you show. Including replacing thermo king motor mounts. Got a stumper on my hands.
    The stop engine, and cell light have come on. The original codes were low fuel pressure. Kw changes the front unit pump, resealed the o rings on injectors, and a control valve. After charging me $453 to replace a fuel filter. Get it back ran ok. Made it 70 miles. Lights back on again. Ran like top till then. Repair guessing is killing me. Presently at kw, different kw. Tech says the front unit pump isnt fueling again. 70 miles and it doing same thing . I need help.

  5. Last week i went to pick up some engines at the cummins plant in whitakers NC and i saw that cummins is building the paccar engines i saw both engines side by side a cummins isx and a paccar they looked exactly the same thing i think paccar fixed there problems bye cummins let them build there engines

  6. Thanks great video. Got a 2018 kenworth with less then 100,000 mile and everytime the fan would kick on, there is a very load noise. I thought the fan bearing had worn out. Just bought this truck yesterday. 🙁 man that's a bummer. But the truck has over 7000 hours. This truck has idle it's entire life go figure dont know how the orginal driver was making the payment.

  7. Am looking at getting a truck. Either pete or kw. Great heads up on the paccar. I know what to look for on walk around before buying a used one. Im with you on mhc. I bought a used and almost killed me (exaust leak). Bought from little rock mhc. Im with you turning a wrench myself where i can and a heads up the post cat replacement paccar engine is a great help. Will be picking your brain and swing by sometime when time and opportunty presents itself. Happy Trails till then.

  8. Out 2013peterbilt I 386 with a Mx13 .keeps loosing coolant . But there's a no visible leaks . Truck has only 480000 miles . When we bought the truck about 5 moths a go while it was still warm it never used any antifreeze but now we have to put abt a gallon every week running abt 3000 miles per week. We spoke to the peterbilt shop they told us that is it was the EGR cooler it would be loosing way more antifreeze than just a gallon at week .. when they checked the truck they did pressured the cooling system they found a hose that was leaking little bit .. but it seems that that wasn't the issue because it continues loosing the antifreeze…any tips or suggestions would help a lot thanks

  9. My 2012 kw with paccar engine is showing mi def blinking light and abs. Egr has being deleted. But the truck don’t start. Any ideas what sensors cause the truck to quite and don’t start?

  10. More common issues. Antifreeze reservoir and level sensor are good for about 300,000 miles.
    Radiator goes bad before 500,000 miles.
    Cheap made parts cost the owner in the long run.

  11. I own a 014 kw with paccar Stay away from them do not enter a kw dealer. A Yugo is better built than a fucking kenworth

  12. Gentlemen, today is one of the hardest Sundays. I must to deliver Chiquita container bananas to Kroger, Delaware, OH for Monday morning.
    On May 15, I picked my truck from The Peterbilt Store – Delaware. And today I did drop again my truck at The Peterbilt Store. I did ride to Shop on my risk, THE CHECK ENGINE, and THE HIGH TEMPERATURES, and STOP ENGINE LIGHTS. ENGINE was shoting down 5 times before I get to shop.
    The Emission System is killing truck business. It is the SUCK the HUGE MONEY $$$$$ for THE DIAGNOSTIC, and to REPLACE SENSORS, and REPAIRS, and LABORS. And mileage on my truck only 465000.
    I am looking forward to perchace new truck at 2019.
    Having experience with Peterbilt truck with ENGINE PACCAR MX13 since 2016. I DO NOT WANT ANY MORE PACCAR MX13.
    PLEASE I ask you Gentlemen, what kind of trucks do you ride, and THE PROBLEMS do you have with your trucks. THANKS A LOT!

  13. Alright I have a question I have a choice between a $1,600 a month truck payment or $3,800 a month truck payment.

    The one is just a decent level Cascadia and the other is a 579 Peterbilt with the Platinum package the Pete has a paccar 13 at 13 speed and a Cascadia has the dd15 I think it may be 13 or 10 they haven't given me that information yet.

    Now course for the love of me I want to take the Pete but the intelligent side the money-making side is telling me to take the Cascadia.

    I've driven a Peterbilt with a paccar engine before and within six months I was in the shop 2 or 3 times towed there because I was stuck on the side of the road for various sensors.

    And as for the dd15 I've never had a problem with one except for an alternator going bad on me in Nevada but I've also heard about their notorious head gasket problems.

    Any input would be greatly appreciated oh by the way if it matters I'm going to be gone flatbed.

  14. So far after treatment on my 2013 T700 with the paccar has been in the shop 3 times. Up to $8k in repairs and still having the same problem. Def is full flashing red light dash info shows low def and check engine light with wrench on and then finally the big derate and 🛑 engine light. I’ve had some bad luck with this truck. But I do like the engine so far.

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