Common problems on V Twin Nikki Carbs found on Briggs and Stratton Intec engines

In This video I show the average youtuber what each of these parts are as well as show a great way to clean or service your carb. I even provide a great source to find the small o rings that are affected over time allowing the main jets to fall out . {75 Viton size 1×2.5 Qty 25 } Source Mc Master Carr…



21 thoughts on “Common problems on V Twin Nikki Carbs found on Briggs and Stratton Intec engines

  1. Great vedio,,,,,,could u please send me the link,,,,,,where i can get those O rings,,,,I went to the site ,,,,but i couldnt find them,,,,,Thanks

  2. Very good video. I just placed my order for o-rings from McMaster Carr using the model number you provided. It was a big help. Thanks!

  3. Just come in the house from getting my carb put back together and back on mower,problem has disappeared and it appears to run fine now,carb wasn't really clogged nowhere that I could see but took your advice and run a small drill bit into everything and cleaned everything out with carb cleaner,hopefully it's fixed.Thanks for the informative video.

  4. thank you for the great video very helpful and well put together. I have a question is there any way to tell left jet from right, mine were in the bowl

  5. Our 22 hp Briggs will only run with choke on – of course meaning carb isn't getting fuel, do you think the jets could have fallen out or just a good cleaning would fix it? I was wondering if choke on was a sign of jets falling out or if that would cause it to get too much fuel. I just wanted your expert opinion of where to start. Very good video thank you for sharing your expertise with us.

  6. Great video.I have this same carb.Mine keeps flooding into the cylinders and crankcase.I have replaced the float needle (float was ok) and it continues to flood.Any ideas? Thnaks

  7. Jets have fallen out of my Briggs carb will that keep mower from starting and also having trouble finding new jets for my carb model # is 795969. Can you help me?

  8. Got your text about the numbers you need from me. First thank you for your assistance, I am just learning about these carburetors and small engines. The (Model #44M777)
    (Type #1193 B1)

  9. I'm trying to find out which jet goes to which side. Mine fell out at same time and now i don't know which side each jet goes to. Both have different size ports. Thanks

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