8 thoughts on “Copeland Small Engine Repair- Briggs compression release

  1. I have one doing the same thing. It does bump the rocker but evidently not enough. I adjusted the valve clearance to zero hoping I could just get it to crank. How much should that bump push the pushrod, not counting the actual cam lobe but the little compression bump? Without an indicator it looks like .020-.030 inch travel before the big bump.

  2. I've also had the exhaust valve cap be the problem, over time is wears the valve stem and there's too much play between the cap and the valve stem. when the lobe on the cam bumps the exhaust valve it doesn't actually push the exhaust valve in, just the stem cap. that make sense?

  3. I have a 18hp briggs and when i go to start it it only makes it to the compression stroke then it stops. i adjusted the values but it still does the same thing, could it be the valvle gides?

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