Craftsman 5.5hp Lawnmower Carburetor Clean & Rebuild

Carb kit is # 631021b not 621021b

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43 thoughts on “Craftsman 5.5hp Lawnmower Carburetor Clean & Rebuild

  1. Hi i have a craftsman 6.6 Tecumseh motor with a vector carb where are the numbers found to identify witch carb i have. so i can order parts I am looking for a tune up kit in Ontario Canada thanks keep up the good work.

  2. Have you heard of these engines spitting oil on top of the mower deck? I ran my friends mower for 5 mins after an oil change and it started blowing oil all over the top of the mower deck, it did this prior to oil change as well. Is it salvageable or scrap? Thx donyboy73 you do an awesome service with your knowledge

  3. Sadly there's many reasons to dislike your videos:

    *Person 1 sent person 2 person this video, person 2 dislikes the video.
    *Person 3 thinks every carbutettor looks the same, person 3 finds out that his carburettor is different. Dislikes the video
    *Youtube automatic dislike video function kicks in, and random dislikes appear.
    *You have enemies, or you wrote something on another video. A offended person clicks on your channel, looks at your videos and dislike them

    And so it goes on.

  4. … And I'm not trying to say that your video suck, great video, sorry for my English, i forgot to look over what i wrote 🙂

  5. Hi Donyboy73,today I decided to clean up and tune up my Crftsman line trimmer.
    The crankcase gasket broke.Sears wants 2.91 plus about 8.00$ shipping.Sooo I bought some gasket material.Perhaps you have some helpful hints,tips for making a gasket.The weedwacker model358.796190. pt# 530019181.I would just like to say
    "Fools rush in where Angels fear to tread."

  6. Thank you Brother! When I posted the question I didn't realize I was logged in with my Gmail account as all my screen names are the same so I didn't see this vid or the email until now. I have the lawnmower in my shed and was waiting for help with it. Now it will be ready for first spring cutting I Pray! Do you have the part number for the filter cover and mount? I saw the filter part number but you did not mention the entire filter part which I need there is none in place when I got this unit. If I have any more problems with it I will let you know. join me on facebook to see how I help end homelessness for our American Veterans! What is your email addy? mine is

  7. I cleaned out my 5 hp tecumseh engine carburetor and after reinstalling it there is gas leaking out thru where the filter is installed. Can you tell me what I messed up while cleaning the carburetor?  Thank you!

  8. I followed your directions to a T.  I have a red hose sticking out of the carb and when I shut the machine off gas started pouring out of this red tube.  What is the problem? Did I miss something when I rebuilt it?

  9. Thanks for not talking about nonsense! Good video ,to the point and exactly what I needed to know! Really good to hear english spoken well.  Thanks from Chico Cal.  Tommy

  10. Enjoy and recommend your channel. However, FYI the link in the description doesn't work. It'll only work for YOU, when you're logged in. It only takes ME to my OWN account page.

    Found your other video and if the rain holds off I'll be following your example. Thanks for the part numbers a sizes. Your advice on the 2 cycle lawnboy saved me a mower and despite what everyone one the forums think, you DO NOT have to replace the ignition module. One pull, every time, it's great.

    Thanks man.

  11. guiding me to that tiny pinhole on the carb screw and cleaning it… you really saved me with this video, thanks so much. I'm far from a repair shop, out in the bush late on a Saturday … now I'm humming away again, with less fear of engine innards!

  12. Those little air filter are nice but sometimes the edges of that mesh they are in can be jagged so watch for that or it might cut you. It is that edge where the seam is and it runs from end to end. I just thought it would be nice to point that out since air filters are not regarded as dangerous usually and things like that are a nasty surprise.

  13. i'm trying to get the tank and cover off of my lawn mower and for the life of me can't figure out how to get the tank off. It had one bolt on top and two on one on one side but nothing else visible so now what? I am trying to fix the pullstart rope and coil.

  14. Anyone doing this may want to go ahead and get a gasket as well. The gasket on my mower tore apart when I removed the carburetor.. Another online purchase and week's wait…

  15. And this, all you YouTube viewers, is how you make an instructional video. The Craftsman I am working on is not the same, but is similar. Clear instructions, excellent filming (close ups of the little pieces and orientation). Thanks.

  16. do you have a parts list for the engine on the Craftsman 5.5hp you are working on? I have the same one and cant locate what parts I need

  17. I have the same lawnmower…what is the model number for it? mine is 944365050…iam looking for the lawn collection bag that attaches to the mower but when I enter the model # it is the wrong model number…

  18. Thank you! I didn't have spark, and followed your ignition coil video last weekend and got that ordered from Amazon. Replaced it today, now have good spark, but still no start. Following this video, I was able to remove the carb, and clean it out and put it back together. Now my 22 year old Craftsman Eager 1 is running nicely again. Hopefully it will go for several more years.

  19. Best video about how do disassemble and clean carburetor. By the way, what is the small screw (in the carburetor block) for, adjusting the air intake?

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