14 thoughts on “Craftsman Chipper Shredder 8 hp Briggs & Stratton Video – watch it eat through a pile of limbs

  1. My MTD Yard Machines 8hp Tecumseh engine has a cast iron commercial grade cylinder and is painted Ferrari red, in fact I waxed to really make it shine. We should have a chip-off !

  2. That machine was made by MTD. I have the 9 HP version, #247.795890. I was very surprised to find out it was from MTD, which is indicated by the 247 prefix on the number. I have a Tecumseh motor. This little machine has made me a lot of money. I mow lawns and always casually mention that I can trim trees from the ground and mulch it right where it stands. There is good value in these little chippers.

  3. Now do you wear those britches sagging slightly because it's how you roll or was your tailor on vacation when you picked those jeans up?

  4. When looking into buying a new one like this, can spend twice the money, same horsepower, and chips a lot faster. The price difference comes in serviceability of the chipper blades via a hinged cover, centrifugal clutch that makes engine starts immensely easier, and at least a 20 pound chipper disc that helps it chip faster snd smoother. That is an FYI for those looking at a $6-700 machine and the $1300 or so chippers and wondering what the differences are.

  5. I literally just picked one of these 8 horse craftsman chippers up for free from a gal that said that her mechanic told her it wasn't economical to repair it. So I'll be into it for about 200 bucks, new tires, new carb, new fuel tank, and a fuel filter. These things are beasts!

  6. I have two of these bought used for under 50 ea. One is 8hp other is 5hp (identical otherwise). Don't use my bags much instead just built a V-shaped screen to shoot against. These do work fine for small stuff as long as ya keep blades sharp and avoid rocks.

    I am a composting junkie so wouldn't be w/o one.

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