19 thoughts on “Craftsman DYT4000 Deck Belt Substitute 144959 Thanks David! #smallenginenation

  1. My craftsman also uses a 95.5 inch belt but the thing won't mow the lawn once without blowing the belt. I assume that the 97 inch 5L belt might work a little better since it has twice the horsepower rating. It seems to be sort of a clue that all the mowers take the same belt. My 24hp burns the belt nearly in half as soon as the grass gets a little too deep.

    If you really like the 95.5 inch 4L belt it is available at Rural King.

    If you look at the design of the mowers, MTD/Huskivarna/Craftsman/Cub Cadet, ect., they all have the same problem copied over from one another. They designed the belt system so that the motor drive pulley has less belt friction than the blade pulleys. As a result, as soon as something loads up the machine the belt STOPS. As such, the belt is only a clutch in theory, it's a sheer pin in actual practice.

    Thanks for the belt size. If the B97 fit, and you don't say, then the correct belt would be a BX97.

  2. I just tried this fix and it works great Sept 2018 , my belt seems to shake a lot at the idler pulley section, any one have any ideas for that?

  3. Mr Mach 1 on here had a contest one time , and i won 1,000 zip ties . Best prize ever . . May take a marker and write the new belt number by the sticker , for those in the future . Glad that fixed it .

  4. Nice to meet a fan, and even better, one bearing gifts. Very kind and generous gentleman. Great tip on the belt. Like button smashed!

  5. Awesome of David to come over bearing gifts….. Great stuff you can use in the shop too….

    I'll bet he has a huge shop full of goodies that he found doing his runs ………..

    Plus Tard Mon Ami ~!~!

  6. for over 15 years now all craftsman use 1/2 by 95.5 even if you take it bake under wartey the shop will get ride of the 5/8 belt and put a 1/2 belt on it becouse the 5/8 belt is good for over 2.5 akers of yard i use the 5/8 and love it in the yard gut the 1/2 belt gets hot and strech out to quick

  7. good to know after i replaced the belts on my dyt 400,lol. there is another issue that was very difficult to find info on,but after burning up 3 ignition coils i found there is a wiring harness repair because of voltage spike on shut down. part #583205401….

  8. Zippo its just one amazing tip after tip. Its always a pleasure to watch them. Keep it up. You shop looks a lot like mine and sometime it seams like there is no end. Love them keep them coming. Your brother JOE see ya

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