Craftsman GT5000 Tractor (with it’s new motor)

Here’s the 2004 Craftsman GT5000 Hydro again, this video shows all the stuff that came with it. The dump cart is my favorite, it has a hande on the front and the hitch bar folds under so you can use it like a garden cart. This sure is a nice tractor, fast too. You’ll see us driving it with a new used motor we put on, -a 22hp Briggs & Stratton ELS V-Twin. It will do for now, but our goal is to put something bigger on there soon. Maybe a 24hp motor or better. It’s original Kohler Pro 25hp V-Twin was too badly damaged to rebuild, but maybe someday if we find a used block the GT can have it’s stock motor back.



29 thoughts on “Craftsman GT5000 Tractor (with it’s new motor)

  1. All that for $280! Wow you completely stole that. Those are one of my favorite Craftsman tractors. I also liked the GT6000 from the 90's with the horizontal shaft motors.

  2. i was in sears yesterday looking at the new Husqvarna built Craftsmans and they fixed that Hydro lever issue. if u have it in speed and press the brake pedal it doesn't slam the lever into neutral anymore. it stays where it is but i guess it stops the tractor. found that very interesting. and the new MTD built craftsmans are little wussy looking things. My new Cub Cadet and the Husqvarna built craftsmans could eat them for lunch. lol. but of course they have metal hoods and the Cubs don't.

  3. My grandpa has his '00 craftsman gt5000 that he put a plow on and it has 4 tires on the back instead of 2 and they're car tires and he has a giant canopy on it for winter time, that thing is a damn mini tractor lol!

  4. I have this same tractor… with a stuck Kohler. I like the Kohler but damn a new one isnt cheap. how hard is this to change over to a briggs motor

  5. does anybody know where the charging system is on these. i have one the same way but with a floor gear selector. well it was dead and i hooked it up to my truck well come to find out that is a big no no. so it fried the starter and now it dosn't hold a charge and it has both new battery and starter

  6. hi i have an craftsman ltx-1000 but the starter is shot its a briggs&Stratton would you have a starter you could sell me.
    on ebay there way to expensive

  7. Nice lawn tractor, its not a garden tractor. IF you try using it in a garden it will throw the belt or burn it up or break. The " Briggs & Stratton ELS V-Twin. " are spit engines. Well if you have some slight hills in the yard the engine will not oil itself properly. thus burning up the engine. They say as long as its on a flat surface you should be ok. I have a 25 and I have some slight hills in the yard. So it died. I just installed another engine.

  8. Hi guys if i were to put a video of my mower youtube would any of you help me find what year it is and what model all i know is its an mtd im guesing from the 80's ita been resprayed

    Please i need to get some parts but i am not sure whay it is

    Please help me and let me know if any of you will help of i put a vid on youtube

  9. dont use the brake with a hydro unless parking. Pull back on the hydro stick and it will slow down as fast as you pull bake. whats the matter with you

  10. When im in a tight maneuvering area I set what I want for my max cruise speed and then reduce speed from that with the clutch. But when im mowing wide open areas I pull/push on the stick. (I drive a hydro just like a 6 speed manual)

  11. that will ruin your belt, and your transmission. your transmission is ment to be run at 3600 rpm's the whole time and use the stick to adjust speed. what is wrong with you you odviously don't know how a hydro works

  12. Great job on this mower. I have a GT5000 that looks like your but it has the manual shifter in the middle. It came with a 25hp Kohler Command V-Twin in it that had a thrown rod when a friend gave it to me. I'm now in the process of replacing the engine with a 26hp Kohler Courage V-Twin. I run into the same issue with the starter solenoid. Does the blue wire that went to the old solenoid connect to the new remote mounted solenoid?
    Thank you and God Bless!

  13. What oil filter is that? I've personally used oversize filters on my GT but that filter y'all haveĀ looks bigger than the napaĀ 21516Ā (that is twice the length of mostĀ briggs filters) that I use.

  14. damn how much did you pay for all of that??? i just bought the gt5000 in great condition with 48" mower deck and rear scraper for 550. 25hp kohler.

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