31 thoughts on “CRAFTSMAN Lawn & Garden Tractor Use and Maintenance Guide -VHS, 1999 [1 of 3]

  1. Thanks for that great video.  I just bought a Craftsman's Automatic transition one.  Though I became quickly familiar with the mower at the store operating it is a different story.  Just watching this video was causing my head to spin.   But, when I get mine they will be telling me more about it and having me driving it around before they leave.   Getting too old for power rotary mowers even if they are self propelled.   I'm not a fan of lawn tractors but out of necessity I better become a fan.

    Speaking of children riding with the parents on these dangerous weapons if an operator allows it, I see this all the time around here thinking what is going through their heads.  

  2. Craftsman LT1000 Ball joint/Draglink slipped apart and will not reattach, please advise as how to replace/repair.

  3. I still have this video on VHS from when my dad bought a craftsman mower, I liked watching it and now I use the mower myself…

  4. I usually unhook all the safety switches, there are annoying as f#$ck, can't even get off the mower to pick something up without disengaging the blades.

  5. my moms ran into the house and trees reason: brakes didnt give a poo press the peadel and you cound not stop so take it out of gear or shut it down..

  6. I noticed that in the earlier years of craftsman mowers (1992-1994) the steering column seems to be very loose after a year or two, i use mine pretty hard so i know that could be a possibility but any suggestions for a quick fix??

  7. In this video it says do not use high grade gasoline, they say it burns hotter. This is the contrary of everything I've heard about high grade gasoline. High grade gasoline burns cooler and thus is the reason your engine does not knock and runs smoother. And I'm pretty sure Briggs and most engine manufacturers not suggest a high grade gasoline. I know for certain RedMax and Honda does.

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