Craftsman Lawn Tractor Deck Blade Belt Replacement

This is a step-by-step video on how to remove/replace the deck V-belt on a Craftsman riding mower. No deck removal required.

Note: Instructions for changing the deck blade belt may be slightly different for your model/year Craftsman.
This particular model and year Craftsman video may be similar enough to help replace the blade belt on your Craftsman lawn tractor. Hope this helps. Thanks for watching.

Can’t find your belt locally? Buy on-line:

Amazon belt page(s)
*Belt part# 532144200 (length: 88” x ½”)
Fits models:
917.270511 (Craftsman model in video)

Belt page(s)
*Belt part# 532144959 (length: 95.½” x ½”)
Fits models:
917.270671 __ 917.271832 __ 917.272481
917.271372 __ 917.271842 __ 917.272751
917.271641 __ 917.271860 __ 917.272761
917.271652 __ 917.272050 __ 917.279950
917.271811 __ 917.272052
917.271826 __ 917.272450
917.271831 __ 917.272451

*Confirm your tractors belt part number.

Model not listed? Please comment below what model you have so I can add it to the above Fits list.

Sears Parts Direct:

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28 thoughts on “Craftsman Lawn Tractor Deck Blade Belt Replacement

  1. I was having a repair shop come and get it to replace the belt…Thanks to your excellent presentation, I can do it myself….kudos!! How do you get your lawnmower to start so quickly….mine has to turn for a while….do I need to replace the starter?

  2. I have a follow up question: my new belt fits perfect, and the mower blades turn easily, but when I encounter thick grass the blades stop. Is there anyway to put more tension on the belt ?

  3. Thank you on behalf of the females of the world that are DIY queens. I used your video to fix my 2008 LT3,000 Craftsman ridding lawnmower.

  4. Awesome tutorial, thank you so much for the very clear step by step procedure to change this belt.This was my first time and it went very smoothly as I followed the steps.

  5. I changed the belt with no problem but had to disconnect both suspension arms to allow the belt to reach the pulleys. I might add that it is important to lubricate thoroughly all deck parts including the pulleys. Dirt and rust builds up and prevents the deck from functioning leading to the belt breaking….my experience…ouch. I have a Poulen lawn tractor and it has exactly the same layout. Great vid as I previously mentioned.

  6. my first time eveer having a riding lwnmower and watched your video did it right the first time lol ty for the help

  7. Hi I had to adjust the trunnion on the front link when i installed the new belt. It was just too tight. However, couldnt find anywhere a spec on how tight to make it !

  8. Did my first belt change using your video, worked great.
    Now, another problem with it, it won't start. When I turn the key to start it it just makes the clank noise. Thanks in advance to anyone that will help.

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