33 thoughts on “Craftsman Lawn Tractor Mowing Deck Belt Configuration

  1. I can hardly wait for you to show the upper belt config. The one that drives the tractor.
    My tractor is waiting for it as that belt broke and I have no documentation on how to replace it . ts a lot harder than a deck belt. My craftsman is 19 years old and the deck belt is different than the one you show . My fried has a tractor just like that one and he has had very little trouble with it. keep up the great videos!!!

  2. Thank you so much! I have looked every where for a good diagram and even the sears site, you could not see it very well Thank you so much!!

  3. FINALLY, a high quality good video.I have the exact same tractor and haven't done dog shit to it since I've had it.I have had some trouble with the blades engaging (now they won't at all), so I am going to replace the belt and hope for the best. Thanks for the vid!

  4. hi Dony, I looked but didnt see any vids by you of how to level the deck. I have a problem that one side seems to cut lower than the other and you can notice this more on an incline. When i have the mower on a level driveway, the deck is perfectly level on each side, so I am thinking the incline is causing the deck to tip to one side, but I dont know what should prevent that from happening?

  5. Man, you are a life saver! My belt broke and came off, i had no idea how the new one was suppose to go back on. Thank you

  6. I have the same tractor but is an Ariens. How do you level this deck? I've been breaking my head trying to figure out this system. The manual shows another type of deck. Please help.

  7. Thank you a ton. I had to redo shafts on the mower deck and one of the long arms got out of place. Your video was the only place I found that showed the top of the deck. Manual shows from the wrong side.

    After getting things working I wound up back on your channel…..your videos are excellent and I wish you the very best. A new subscriber!

  8. Thanks this is great. One question. Looking at the video, facing the deck, the pulley to the far right has a brake that engages when the mower's blade lever is turned. Does the belt slip between the brake and the pulley?

  9. hey i have a husky tractor with the exact same deck. can you do a close-up on the cluch configuration on the deck? the ranchowner took it off a couple years ago. i need it back on but i think he lost a piece of linkage to the cluch. u have seen this tractor in other videos and i am asuming it is your personal tractor?

  10. for the life of me i cannot find where to personalize a question to you, i have a craftsman LT1500, brand new 7 months ago, the deck at all the way up shows it will be about 5 inches of grass height, when i cut at the top level it is lucky to be 2 inches if that, when i go all the way to nuber 1 setting, the deck is dragging the ground,

    how bout a video on adjustment for that??

    love your videos

    god bless, steve

  11. Thanks for the video, I burned all three belts (mower deck, primary and drive belts) on my lawn tractor doing the leaves this past fall, the leaves caught fire on the muffler and pretty much fried everything above the deck, fortunatly there wasn't hardly any damage to the engine, just a burnt ignition wire. I am beginning the restoration project.

  12. What do you think of the Craftsman Lawn Tractors? There is a guy in my neighborhood selling a LT1000 38" deck and 16hp for $375. Seems to be in good condition. I'm not sure how old it is though.

  13. Have a craftsman II 4000 got it for 150 the deck was there just separate, do you know of a video showing where all the connections and rods go?

  14. thanks for keeping this video out here, i needed to get a look at the internals of the deck as i am trying to repair mine.  I was able to see the location of the springs for the deck engagement assembly.

  15. Salut Dony ! One question out of subject. I bought a 2000-2001 Craftsman with a 20.5 twin. At idle, the RPM's goes up and down. I gave it a couple of shots of carb cleaner but, it hasn't change. Do you think it needs A: Adjustments B: Rebuilt or C: Keep on spraying, without stalling, until the can is empty. I guess it would be easier if you knew the brand of carburetor. Merci beaucoup.

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