Craftsman Lawn Tractor – PTO Electric Clutch – REPLACE

This video covers the steps I took to replace the PTO Electric Clutch on my Craftsman Lawn Tractor. I include a lot of detail footage showing each step involved in the process of removing and installing the PTO Electric Clutch, Engine Pulley, Serpentine Belt (Ground Train V-Belt). I show numerous video clips on how to verify the PTO Electric Clutch is working properly.



13 thoughts on “Craftsman Lawn Tractor – PTO Electric Clutch – REPLACE

  1. So I sat through this entire video to see how you kept the engine from turning while you tightened the pulley bolt and you never showed that! I have to remove the pulley on my tractor and I can’t hold the engine?!?

  2. I love the video. I have a Craftsman zero-turn mower I assume that both that holds the PTO clutch onto the bottom of the is regular thread correct

  3. Dude, YOU ROCK !
    I have had what I thought was electric starter problems for a year.
    I installed a new starter $80,
    I built a platform to accomadate a second battery, $90, but the problem kept getting
    worse. Finally, yesterday, I noticed that the starter bendix gear was hung up in the flywheel,(jammed-like).

    The only thing I could conclude was that either the engine was seized, which I was almost positive was not the case, or the thing was hung in a compression stroke or something…?
    I removed both spark plugs and tried to crank the engine, no-go. That's when the light bulb came on that
    possibly the clutch was causing friction or something.
    So I went to good 'ol YouTube, typed in "Riding mower clutch failure" and the first two videos were about clutches that had electrically failed. Your video was the third and, EURIKA ! I couldn't believe it ! You were describing my mower's exact problem !
    Thanks for taking the time to show us.

  4. Good video. Would have helped to show removing bolt that holds clutch onto drive shaft. Does shaft turn, making bolt removal difficult?

  5. Does the clutch you just replaced work for engaging the mowing deck only? or dose it also disengage the transmission for changing speeds? My 85 year old mother keeps her foot on the clutch pedal the entire time she mows, is that a no ,no? It seems like the clutch or a drive belt is slipping, the mower will pause briefly and then take off again.

  6. Since your shirt said Louisville I think I am save to say thank you for the video from a fellow Louisvillian. I have the same problem with my DYT4000 and it seems to be an easy fix.

  7. I have the Same mower that had the same problem! Good video guy! I have a 12 hp on it now, then some wire wrapped the pto and stripped the pto wires , not fun!

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